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My  inventory  of  the  day

Do  I  know   my  feeling   toward  myself?

Do  I  know  my feeling   toward   others?

Do  I  realize  what kind of  thoughts my mind entertain?

If  I  am  not  aware

Do  I  pay attention  to  the  quality  of life?

Am  I  am  living a  full  life?

if not  why  not?

Do  I  know  what  goes in my  mouth  and  what  comes  out of my  mouth?

Do I know  in  the morning   what  kind of  day  I  will  have?

at  night  when  I  look  back  , Does the  day  turn out   the  same I  expected?

If  I can not  answer  any one  of  those question  what does  that mean?



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