Independence day 7/4/21

Posted By: Dr. Shaikh on July 4, 2021 in Uncategorized - Comments: 2 Comments »

True  Independence  is not freedom for  self but freedom from self.

It  require  to tame my  ego and see everyone with the eyes  of  my heart  and soul.

I  will develop  empathy, feel other’s pain ,   joy , learn grow & thankful  to them.

All humans   with  become one race and  end of rat race.


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  1. Dr. Shaikh says:

    You May contact Us via Postal Mail at:

    PO Box # 7853

    Steelton PA 17113-7583

    OR eMail:

  2. Eric Waters Ed D says:

    This is fantastic. I would like to learn more. You’re in Steelton, correct?

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