Soulmate,sweetheart 2/20/21

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I was looking for soulmate, sweetheart all my life.

One day I was looking in  the  mirror, I see the  glimpse of my soul.

I did  soul  searching and  found my  sick  soul, my true soulmate I was not aware of.

My soul reminded me that my heart ❤️ is my sweetheart working 24/7  to keep me alive, love me unconditionally.

Why I took so long to discover my soul?

It was GOD’S plan  to go through  boot camp  so I will be ready  for this great discovery.

Now  I know my purpose and live heavenly life😇 pray and serve everyone . State of worship 24/7 🙏🏼

Death ☠️ of old is birth of new eternal life  BORN AGAIN

My Commandments 2/9/21

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  • If1)Pray like the  is no tomorrow.

2)Gain knowledge and practice what I learn and take care of myself as I will  live for ever.

3)Work   like it is  worship  I do not need money.

4)Everyone is blessed   and   are  serving their purpose,  Love learn serve  and be thankful, to everyone to earn my blessings.

5) Stay in state  of  worship  , and I will be  safe from all  warships  and live a  peaceful life.


2/7/2021 Secret

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  • Pray 🙏🏼  secretly.
    stay in stay of worship 24/7
  • secret of living  heavenly life.
  • life will become journey of the soul.

Old story 1/9/2021

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There  was  a  Mighty Greek King  He declared  he is  God.

GODS  got mad  and cursed  him and his beloved wife killed  him.

According  to Greek  code  son must kill the  killer of his father, before he can

become king. His son  can  be  king only if  he  kill his fathers killer, on the other

hand  killing of mother is  the worst  sin. He was called  coward, and not a  man

worthy to be king.  One  day  he end  up killing his mother and become the king.

GODS  were  upset with him and  turn his wife into a bitch  who torment  him all

the time. According to Greek law  he   could not divorce the queen.

He suffered a  great deal  for  years.

Finally one of the GODS  APOLLO advocated that he  should  be forgiven because

the situation  was very difficult.

GODS called  the  king  and   asked  his side of the story. To every ones  surprise  he took

100% responsibility of  his crime, and  he will pay the price of his  sin. In fact   it is helping

him to be  better  just king, feel others  pain and is the most popular king in history.

After  his deaths  he  become one of the  GODS.

MORAL OF THE STORY:  Any man love his wife unconditionally will become GOD after death.

Skeletons 11/21/20

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Every  encounter I ever  had  left  a mark, meant to teach me a lesson.

Now I reflect I  was  judgmental, liked  some disliked  some,

loved some hated  some, good  become part on my existence and

rest become the skeletons in the close,when closets  over flow , I

end up having  a grave yard. No  knowing skeletons  are  rotting  and

I  have  a rotten life &  being   haunted all the time from the grave yard

and live in fear.

Even my  own skeleton is rotting , my flesh is  toxic , sick heart

and dysfunctional mind.

Self purification is the only  solution,  I  must LOVE  everyone and

everything  and learn the lessons  I must learn , only way  for   self purification

Only then I  will be  able to  clean my closets and   dig the  grave yard   and learn the needed

lessons  and live a heavenly life I was meant to live.


10/28/20 Spirtual being

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All human beings are spiritual being too. We are all one. Every human being is my soul mate and I pray and wish peace ☮️ success and prosperity for each one Ameen 🙏🏼

Journey of the soul

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I was born with body mind heart ❤️ , a vessel 🚢 and soul🧚🏻 the cargo.

it was journey of the soul. Destination was  heaven.

Devil 🧛🏻‍♀️  high jacked the vessel and I become captive of devil.
Now I reflect  my heart is broken 💔 dysfunctional, my  mind 🧠 is intoxicated,  my body is 🤮 sick, and I am searching for my soul.

I find my sick soul, need CPR  critically sick. My  mission statement, Physician 👨‍⚕️ thy heal self.
good news Work in progress, I declare independence. I am free  , get to work.

LOVE ❤️ BUG 🐛 hate 🕷 bug

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My goal is have only love feeling, only way to have self peace.☮️
I have more love 💕 feeling for 👿 devil than he has hate feeling  for me. He want to hurt me and give me pain, I feel the his pain,  know his sickness , also know the treatment .

Now Devil 👿 can not hurt me do not want to get close to me, know my love  😍 bugs 🐛 will kill all his hate 🕷 bugs and he will not be able to hurt no one, and I will be healed. Like Bible says, Physician 👨‍⚕️ thy heal self.  I am able to heal the Devil 👿 if he agrees to be my patient.



Peace 8/4/20

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spirtual being feel the pain of other, who give him pain, and pray for them That is the secret of the peace ✌️ they have.
human beings do feel their own pain .

Sick human being  has the pain instead of finding the root cause and fixing it  they give their pain to others, so others can feel their pain not realizing more pain they give to others will only increase their  own pain, and  the pain they give to spirtual being  is  gain for spirtual being  the more pain more gain .
PS : everyone is serving their purpose.Pain is raw material, and can be recycled to  be a gain, like your trash is my cash. ☮️

Past, present, future 7/21/20

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Past is a test. I get report card every day. If I learn from my mistakes,  and answer correctly on retest   I will got promoted, otherwise stay in the same grade, or if the question I answered correctly before, I did answered incorrectly on retest I will be demoted to lower grade.
Nature is giving opportunities over and over to be successful. It

Choice is mine.