Awareness 11/30/2019

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Awareness of  GOD remind me that everything and everyone is a blessing, and I am thankful for everything and everyone.I have everything I need to be have peace.

That give me a peaceful feeling.

Very different than happy  sad or any other feeling which are only temporary.

Creator is source of peace. Know the Creator have peace ✌️ 

Father’s letter1975

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Dear son,May you be successful and

prosperous for ever,

great news that you passed the board exam.

This is purely the mercy of  Almighty GOD

Responsibilities of a father are very difficult and challenging. LORD’s unseen mercy  helped me  to

fulfill this responsibility.

Son , Pray regularly, prayer 🙏🏼 is key to success and prosperity.

A humble request , always earn honest living , continue to gain knowledge, serve everyone, resent no one, always fulfill the rights of others. all these are form of worship..

Always remember , this is a very humble family, never have a trace of pride, arrogance, hard feelings. always think high, live a simple , humble life.

GOD loves humbleness.

May  GOD  bless , help and guide all humans,

Always praying  🙏🏼

Always a Well wisher  your Father 11/12/1975

Lamb & Wolf 11,2,19

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Trail  of  spiritual  healing  continues

Each Human    has  a  Lamb and  a   Wolf with in.

1) Child  abuse  make  Lamb very fearful, if  not

diagnosed, treated likely  turn  into wild  Wolf

as an adult,  great  trouble makers their live

usually are  living  hell.

2)If  diagnosed , treated  properly ,  likely turned into  the

advocate against the crime committed  against them,

 turn  into peace makers, always part of  the solution

live peaceful life.

Rest   of the humans lived mixed life  of  a Lamb and  Wolf ,

their lives  are  like a roller coaster,  some Lamb dominant, some

Wolf dominant,  all do  have a choice   to be   type  1, type  2 or mixture of both.

Each one  of  us  have  a choice.