Lesson #1 Healing tip for the spoul #91

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Trail  of   healing  for  the    soul  101    continues

Humans  are  born  with  no  ego boundaries.

Self  and  the universe  is the  same.

Baby  is dependent  on others  and  realize that self  and universe is  not the same.

Baby  build    the   ego boundaries    and  age  2 ,  act like  a  tyrant.

That  does not  work  and  come to term  with   others  and  become  adult

with having  self  made boundaries.

It  is lonely  in those  boundaries  and  look   for oneness  usually  with the

opposite  sex,   and  feel  they  are  one ,  two bodies  one heart.

This  is  usually  short  lived

Feeling love  is not love, feeling  love  means need  for  the object.

True  love  is  pure  and clean,  has  no boundaries  and   is  need free.

Some   people  mature  and  realize that    it   need  lot  of  effort   to free  themselves.

But  after  that suffering   come  the  joy  of  freedom.

Freedom  from the  self    , not for the self.

Mature  person   is  a baby  with  no boundaries  but  with strength  and

wisdom  to  learn   and  love everything  and everyone  and  live  heavenly life.


PS: Capacity   to   suffer  determine  the  degree  of  freedom , decisiveness

in their judgment    and  ability to   serve  the  creation.

Addendum: Suffering   and  joy  the two side  of  the same  coin , no one

can have  one without the other.


Lesson 1 Healing Tip for the soul #90

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Trail  of  healing   for  the  soul  continues

Life  is  a boor camp

Each  human     usually     are  one of  three  states, one  or three states, or  two of  three  states,

1)  State    of  unawareness

2)  State  of  false awareness

3)  State  of  true  awareness   enlightened   state.


Lesson1 Healing tip for the soul 89

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Trail  of  spiritual  healing   101  continues

When I reflect    I realize  that God   make   this  world  like a boot  camp for me.

God  made  me   with  refined  form of  dirt  like  any  other  human    with

God  claimed  human  to be the best creation  and equipped  with everything  I needed.

God  showed  me  three  path  1) Straight path   2) Wrong Path   3) Painful  path.

Straight path  looked  very hard.     Wrong  path looked very attractive.

Painful  path   full  of  instant gratification paved  with  sex,  drugs, money , pornography

filled   with   Instant gratification.

I took  the  painful path    till  I  hit  rock bottom,    start  giving  me pain and  become

unbearable and  look  for  other path  and  end  up choosing   the wrong path.

Path of  a  hypocrite. it  was like  a band  aid . continue  that  path  work  for  a short  time.

Then  I  start looking  at the straight path  that looked  so  hard,  does  not look   as  hard,

compared  to  the  hardness   I  was  going  through.

I start  seeing  God’s  help   and  God