Human Saga5/1/22

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Joseph Smith  was arrested   at the  age of  27  Now at the age of 69 he feels  he lived a perfect life.

He has complete peace.

He pray  and stay in the state of worship . he consider helping others  &  voluntary hospice  work as worship.

Prison is a paradise for him.

He feels he is a spiritual being and see  everyone as a spiritual being in a human body and help

everyone as much he is allowed.

He lives a heavenly life.

His body is captive   and has a free  soul.

Spiritual Race 2/28/22

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At birth I was given a false Identity of being  a human. I was told I belong to human race, later I was told that I belong to white race, a superior race. When I came to prison , I was given another false identity INMATE. I reflected in my lonely cell and discovered than I am a spiritual being in a vessel (body). Like if drive a Toyota car. Do I become Mr Toyota and belong to Japanese race. Hardly I will the same Spiritual being.

Now I know I am a spiritual belong to Eternal Spiritual Race. Only true race and everyone is my Soulmate.

Reflection of a Soulmate from Prison 😇

PUSH 12/5/21

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For self purification

Stay in state of worship 24/7

PUSH yourself  to PRAY all the time to feel  pure.

P stand for PRAY

U. Stand for UNTIL

S. Stand for become SPIRITUAL

H stand for  and HOLY.

Keep  pushing  yourself  to pray until you become spiritual and holy.

Image 12/5/21

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God make human in God’s image. Each human makes his or her God in his or her image. When I am able to see God’s image in each human only then I will see the real God and have unconditional love 💕 for everyone 💕

Virtue and Vices 12/2/21

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Angel has virtues.
Devil 👿 has Vices.
Humans has both virtues and vices.  Humans are superior to angels and Devil. We have a choice to become aware of our vices work on it and keep acquiring more and more Virtues  and Become best of the best or worst of the worst. My choice🙏🏼

Independence day 7/4/21

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True  Independence  is not freedom for  self but freedom from self.

It  require  to tame my  ego and see everyone with the eyes  of  my heart  and soul.

I  will develop  empathy, feel other’s pain ,   joy , learn grow & thankful  to them.

All humans   with  become one race and  end of rat race.


6/26/21 Self Purification

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To live a full purposeful live , staying pure and daily self purification is must.

Only then I can recycle misery suffering sickness around me and

turn into happiness, prosperity and health.

Father’s day 6/20/21

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Thinking  of my father’s teaching.

Life and   others     offer  me   BUTTER.  If  I think I am Mt Right.

I replace  U of  BUTTER   with  Capitol I and become BITTER.

I f I  have EMPATHY   for others,  I  will   learn and  replace U  with E  and become  BETTER.

Listen to your Father  become BITTER  or  BETTER to start  your  new  journey  today.  Do not Judge  him   but learn  from him.

Be thankful  to  your father, he donated  50%  of your genes you  came to existence thanks to his 50% genes.



Devine Self Purification Center & Peace Garden

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Seven Sin-Buster Commandants for


  • Pray in secret like there is no tomorrow.
  • Work like it is worship and you need the money.
  • Take care of your mental, physical, and spiritual health forever.
  • Everyone is blessed. You must earn your blessings by serving them.
  • You were born with this body, mind, and heart. Together you will stay together till death do you part. If you love yourself in sickness and in health your life will be a HONEYMOON.
  • You must love, learn, and be thankful to everyone.
  • Stay in a state of worship. You will be saved from the 7 sins and will live a heavenly life.



Desire to have a quality possession, or other attribute belonging to someone else.


A selfish desire for more of something than is needed.


Spiritual apathy and inactivity.


A passionate and intense desire or craving.


Excessive eating and drinking, overindulgence.


A high opinion of one’s own dignity, importance, merit, or superiority.


Strong vengeful anger or indignation.


School of True Knowledge

Course 1: PhD in Spirituality

Prerequisite: Poor, hungry and driven soul.

Takeaway: Purification of the heart and divine wisdom.

Course 2: LPN (Love, Purification, and Nobility)

Prerequisite: Heartbroken and seeking love.

Takeaway: Love, purification, and nobility.


You are the student, and you are the teacher.

You will reward 🥇yourself the degree. Good luck on your journey .













Spirtual Sense 6/7/21

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With 5 senses humans become aware of physical world. With spirtual senses humans can see hear feel smell and taste the almighty and become spiritual being and know the purpose of life and live a full life 🙏🏼
5 senses  give  the feeling of  creation  like Happiness sadness. Spiritual senses give us the feelings of peace and love and override any other feeling.