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If I  feel    that I have    trace of  hard  feeling  toward  anyone, it  is a reminder  that

I need  home  work  to  do   till  I  feel  love  and  only  love  toward that person.

Knowing   that  person  was  send by GOD to  remind  me that I  forgot  to  do my  home  work.

That  person    deserved    a   tip.

Now  I   can  send   him/her flowers,  gift  or  my money  as  token  of  my appreciation.    🙂



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A  true  spiritual being sees only  the  soul  of  each human  being,

see no  shortcomings  in  others , but learn from  others  to see  his/her  own  shortcomings

Keep    on  self   and  become    more  and  more  self  purified.

Life  become  more  and  more  heavenly  with  each  encounter.  🙂


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Best  dad  can not be a   mom.

Best  mom can not  be a  dad.

A  child  need  a mom and   a dad.

Child  learn  how  to  interact  with  others by watching    how  mom  and  dad interact

with each  other.

Mom  is  the  first school  and dad the  first  teacher for  a child.

Later  in  life  child make their own choices,  but    mom’s  and  dad’s  impact  id the


Be  a   dad    it is  up to  the child  what   a child  want  to learn and what they want to be.

It takes a best  dad  to  live   with  a worst  wife  knowing  he  married  her and   take a  vow to

stay together till  death make  them apart.

It takes  a  best  mom  to live  a  worst  dad    knowing  that  she  married to  this man and  took a vow to

stay  together  till  death  make them apart.

It  is  better  to  be  a  bad  mom  than no mom.

It is also   better to be  a  bad dad than no dad.

Marriage   is better  than no marriage.


Story  of  a couple    they went  to  Moses  to  resolve    their  dispute.

Moses   said  I  can not help  you  guys  I  have  a   dispute with my  wife.

Why  you  do not ask  God  to help  us?  You  do talk  to God  all  the time.

Wife  demanded   You  men  are lazy like  hell wife added.

I can do that  Moses  replied.

Couple  days  later  Moses  called  the    couple and  told  them  that God’s  opinion  about

you  two  is the same  as your opinion  about each  other.

Kind of  opinion  you have    tell  you what  kind of  person  you  are.

PS:  when  I  was  growing  up,  I always though  that my parents  need  to  grow  up

and I used  to give them  advise.

They  always  listen carefully  and  use  to thank me  for  my love  for them.

But I  did  not    see  any    major  change   and  finally  give  up  thinking

they are to  too old  to learn new things.

Now I wish  I    would have listen  to  them.

They  were  my  best  friends   but  I  was  completely  unaware  of  that fact.

Now I feel they  are  part of  me  and  seeing  the  world  with my  eyes as  I  see   the world  with  my  kid’s eyes.

My advise  to fathers  Be  a  person  you  want  yours  children’s   to be.

Please  listen  to  your  kid’s advises . Those  help me a lot.   🙂




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Common  sense  is  a  gift to     humans.

If any  human  before aware   of this  gift  and  be  thankful   and  make  himself or  herself  humble

and  learn  from  every  one  and  serve them  to  best  of  his/her ability.

That  person    keep  growing     and   can  become  a  spiritual  being  and  live  heavenly  life.

If    any  human  is  not   aware     of this gift,  use  it   to become successful,  rich  or famous.

He or She  may   acquire  those  goal  but will never  have  peace  and  happiness.