Lesson #1 Healing tip for the soul #63

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Trial  of  healing  of the soul   101  continues

Special  thanks  to Pat Williams  for being  the inspiration   for me  to write this  healing tip.

There   are  several  theories    about    the beginning  of  human race.

1) Theory of evolution:   Human  was    primitive  and    evolve to be a human.

2)  Recornation   theory:  depending   what human  does  during their life time, come back

as  other form  of creation, some time  rat   or as  animal or as  a human.

3)Bible  &   Quran  theory:  God  created   human  and  declared  that human  are   best creation.

Everyone question  that statement.

God  replied   I know   what I am doing  and  ordered  everyone  to bow down to human.

Devil    refused  stating   he is  better, and challenge God   that he can even prove it if given

the opportunity.

God agreed,  and that  was the beginning of  human saga.

God’s claims that humans   are better than devil.

Devil claims that  he is better than human.

I have empathy  for devil. He made a grave mistake  due to not having  empathy for human

and could have leaned  from humans  and could have live  happy  peaceful life in the company


Devil  looked  at the out side  of human  which   is   just a vessel,  unable  to see the cargo(soul)

that  make human the best creation.

Lack of  empathy  is a characterstic  of devil.

Having empathy  for everyone  is learning and growing  process that  make humans  the  best creation.


PS: Every human being  is the best creation, and if  keep   learning  from everyone instead of looking down, like

devil  did , even   having empathy  for devil and learn from him ( Devil  and angels  do not have soul which is part of GOD) and  could not undersood   GOD’s claim.

Addendum:  In my life  when ever I felt sympathy  for others , I  was   always   paid with grief or frustration because

I judged that other  need my help, instead  having empathy and learn and teach each other  and being paid  with

peace  and joy.

Empathy I win.

Sympathy I lose.

NOTE:  Every human  I see   I try to see  the  cargo , vessel  may be damaged, Soul  is never damages  because  God

is   soul  guard.

If pray to GOD,   GOD  will  guard  my body and I will  live heavenly life.

PS2:  Body is made  of  dirt,  so nobody can be trusted included mine body,  Soul is

Godly ,    so each  soul  can be trusted including  my soul.

We are human being because we have  a body, we also are spiritual being

because we have a soul.

We all are soul mates,  body mating  is only and only for reproduction reason

within the marriage bond, any other body mating  is source on unlimited  diseases,

because   mixing two dirt is the source of contamination.

Modern  days  when  reproduction  can be done  in tubes,   body mating  is  out dated  and

very risky behavior.


Lesson #1 Healing tip for the soul #62

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Trail  of Spirtual  healing   101  continues

Special  thanks  to  Saint   Qudsia  Siddiqui  for being  the inspiration  for me to write this healing  tip.

God  is #1   I must know God  and obey God.

God  will make me aware that I am  a  God’s gift and  every thing  I have  is  a gift

God   will teach me how  to  use these gifts properly.

That awareness  will  teach me my  abilities   and make me realize the sickness of

heart body  mind  and   my  soul.

God will  help me to live healthy life.

When I will live healthy life than  God  will  grant  me the ability to  serve  creation,  and I will receive my

compensation from  the Creator.

Sickness  is  a gift of God  to make me  humble, so I can  have empathy with others,  and learn to live a

healthy life  and serve my purpose.  (Eternal  job security)


PS: Sickness is  a gift  so is health  so I can appreciate   and  learn to live a healthy life  in health and sickness.

Addendum: Blessed  are the sick, hungry and poor, Other can  earn their blessings by serving them.