Lesson #1 Spirtual healing tip 58

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Trail  of spiritual  healing 101 continues

I  work  in local prison  as Muslim Chaplan  and other prison

as  a Physician  and  I come across  great  people  with great stories

and  great insight.

One Muslim inmate  who is  waiting  for trial for murder charge,

shared his  story,  he showed  me the picture in newspaper stating

that is not  him, devil  has taken over  me at that time.

But I needed  to be here to reflect,  I  am asked  to confess  and get life term or  go on trial

may end up on dead row.

I reflected   and realized that I need  to consult God.

I know   this is a reminder  from God   like many in the past  which  I  ignored  over and over.

God has make me  clear that this  is the best place for me  to get to know God , myself  and my purpose.

God  has  aware of the   crimes   I had forgotton and many I did not even knew were  crimes.

I am asking God  to decide  what I must do.

I am feeling  peace I never experience before, and I like to share this  peace with everyone.

I also  feel  that God  has forgiven  my sins, and I must be  the strongest advocate   against

the very sins I had commited, try to  neturilze the toxicity  I  caused.


PS: God  is waiting  for us to reflect  and repent for our sins, and God  will turn  on sins

into good deeds  and  reward and bless us. WHAT WE ARE WAITING FOR?


Lesson #1 Spirtual Healing Tip #57

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Trail Of spiritual healing   101  continues

God  is  #1

God created  me  and blessed me  and I  am #2

God   also  created  every one and every thing  and that is #3

Now I  know  my 1 , 2 3

Come on every one  please sing with me.

I am praying for everyone,  everyone please pray for me.

Everyone had helped me to grow, please write what you think  of

my tips and me.

Now I know my 1,2,3.


PS: Some one asked God  what is God’s  opinion about him or her.

God replied  ask my creation.

Addendum  :I must take care  of myself    so I can serve #3  and receive   more blessings

from #1 , #2 ( that is me )  needs  healthy diet , regular excercise of mind body and soul and  good night sleep

till  these requirement are not met #2 (that is me) can not help #3. If #3 can not wait #3 can call 911.

or call   1-800- CRE-ATOR   from  heart  phone  24/7 tool free  and God answers  every call personaly.

Lesson 1 Spirtual healing tip 56

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Trail  of spiritual healing 101  continues

Moses was  with his people  in the wilderness.

People were driving his crazy   they wanted  water near by instead  of fetching water from distant places.

Moses  prayed  to God  and God said  Hit the rock  with  the stick. Hit it once  and wait.

People   were yelling and screaming, Moses  was getting  upset,    he feel like hitting  people on their heads but

He  hit the rock instead and waiting,  crowd  start making fun of   Mosses, one said  you did the hit it correctely

hit  it again,  Moses  was  waiting   but the crowd  was getting angrier  and angrier, so He hit the rock 2nd time

and there was  a great flood.

God said  to Moses  I told  you  to hit once and wait.

Moses said people are  driving me crazy    I hit the rock  2nd time  and break the commandment  and I am sorry.

God   said  You was  inpatient, you were  angry toward my creation   so you will never see  the promised  land.


Moral of the story: Never  get upset  with people   and always   have patience , and never  break God’s  commandment

other wise not only you will cause  flood  you will never  the promised  land.

Addendum: Researcher  has discovered, that Moses was diabetic and his  blood sugar was high at that time,

Prophet does not make mistakes, Pt was not keeping up his appointment  with his family Doctor, beaceause

his insurance  had expired  and he could  pay the fee. Today no one have a reason to get upset   with God’s creation.

Keep your Doctors appointments  Ear healthy excercise   and sleep well, Moses was not told so he have a excuse,

If any one eat healthy  excercise and sleep well he will serve  God’s creation  and  will paid  with peaceful life and  will

discover the  promised land.

NOTE:  I love God’s creation  and paid  with peaceful life  and I live in promised land (USA).

I also serve   my patients   and  that is the sourse of my revenue  and  they are my heros and inspiration.