Lesson Healing tip for the soul 71

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Trail  of healing  tip  for the soul  continues

Painting  tell  a lot  about the painter.

Product tells  a lot about the maker.

All living being  are the product  and rest of the creation  is a painting.

Products  are   wonderful  and  painting  is beautiful.

What   it tell me about that  creator  and painter?

Do I know  that creator  and painter?

Do I have  a creators  manuel  how to operate myself or know my purpose?

Do I know  why everything  and everyone ?

Why nice people  get cancer?

Lesson #1 Healing tip for the soul #70

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Trail  of  spiritual healing   101  continues

I am a Muslim  Chaplan in local   prison.

I have  leaned  a lot  from  inmates.

On one Friday  I requested  one inmate  to give the sermon.

That was  a very powerful  sermon, and the story  he shared I like  to share with others

Once there  was king  and went on a hunting trip. A lion attached  the  king  and chew up his right

arm before the lion was killed  by his knight.

That knight was trying  to comfort the king  stating that  God allows  every thing  and losing  his arm is

best  thing  can happen to him.

King  got   angry, and said  If you had not save  my life I would  have you beheaded, but I will imprison you for


Knight replied  God  knows the best  may be spending  life is  prison is the best thing  for me.

Couple months late  king recovered  and went on another hunting trip, and  whole  group was  kidnaped  by

gang  and were  sold  as  slaves.

No one want to buy the king because he has  no right arm  and set him free   considering  him worthless.

King came back and called  the inmate  and apologied .

Knight said   do not apology, not having  a arm save from  slavery and being in the prison saved  me from slavery.


PS: Have  healthy faith and  you  see perfection  in every thing  and  every one.

Lesson #1 Spirtual healing tip #69

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Trail  of  spiritual healing    101  continues

Life  is  a journey.

Each breath is  a step, each day is a mile, and each year  is a station.

End  of  year is a time  to reflect,  am I  at the right station ?

what    is my next  station ?, what track  I want to be on?  keeping  destination in my mind.


Our mind, body  and soul  need healthy food, exercise  for  body, mind & soul,   and good  sleep

like  engine ( need  tune up oil change, good  fuel and regular   maintaince as  per  manufacturer  manuel.)

If  I   do what  needed to be done  I will live  good quality, full  and purposeful life,

Otherwise  first I lose  the quality, and  die before  my time.

Each human  has to carve their own path in this wilderness,  we can learn from each other, road signs

can be misleading, guides may not  lead .

Heart is  the GPS  only if  connected to the right source  to help  me   to reach my destination.


PS:  Destination   in mind, follow  the direction  and live  happily ever after.

Addendum: We  are  serving  life  term, if I  serve my time well, I will go back home (heaven)

other wise  I will end  up in a  hole. Time  to reflect  am I heaven bound  or  hole bound?

All  I have  to do  pay attention  am I living  a heavenly life or not.