Lesson #1 Healing tip for the soul #83

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Trail  of  spirtual healing  101  continues

Human  life begins at the begining  of  4th week gestation, begining  with  the heart beat.

The difference betweel  the human heart  and  animal heart is that human heart  has  a

spiritual heart   along  with the physical heart.

Lord reside  in  spiritual   heart  and Lord  is  soul guard.

Brian  development    is much later. Heart    function  as a unit  without   the   brain.

Both  hearts  need    healthy nutrition  prayer  is  the nutrition  for  healthy heart.

Till delivery   both  hearts depend upon  the mom state  of  physical & spirtual  health.

After  delivery  till  age  25  surrounding   and up bringing  has major  impact on the

on the physical  and    spirtual  health of the person.

Awareness  that  I  do have a  spirtual  heart is the  crucial.

without  awareness   I may live my life  and  die   without  knowing  that I have  a spirtual  heart  and

live  a animal like  life.

Animals  also  have personalities   and traits  like humans.

I may live  a life of  a pig,   cow  bird  or any animal depend  the traits   I have.

With awareness  I  will    feed   my spirtual heart  and    become  a spitual  being.

and  live   a  true  live  instead  of  occupying  space    and serve a lower  purpose than the

purposeful  life   I     can live.


PS: Choice is  mine   reflect and become aware  and  live  peaceful  healthy life   or  not.


Lesson #1 Healing tip for the soul #82

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Trail  of  spiritual healing  101 continues

Special thanks  to  a very  special  young beautiful girl with a beautiful  soul  because  of hippa laws

lets  call  her Jane Smith  that is not her real name.,

who is  a great  inspiration  to me.

This is the letter   she  wrote  me   6/25/2015

Dr  Shaikh,

You’re book has  taught me so much about unconditional love and forgiveness.

Your ability to see the good in everyone has left  a lasting impression on me.

I’ve found myself  troubled by wounds of the past unable to move forward and forgive.

You’re unwavering  commitment to self growth and faith in people has helped me to release myself

from anger and resentment in order to move forward.

Through  our visits and your teachings, I remember to see good  in  people.

Jane  Smith.

She got more from that book  than I  did.

She  is  young  with so much  wisdom, I wish  I have that  wisdom.

What a beautiful  letter,  these  words came through the clouds and provide  hope

love and forgiveness.

If she  can   do this,  what stops  me  doing the same?


PS: She    should make  the headline, instead  of  someone  who killed  some.

Media  show  us  all negative , instead of  positive   in the society  like  this saintly  girl.



Lesson 1 Healing tip for the soul 81

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Trail  of  spiritual healing 101  continues

Open question  to   all  Americans

If  today the is  a election  day ,  and  the  candidates  for Presidency   are   Jesus  VS Lucifer.

Whom  you  vote  for?   and  why?     ( optional)

Please   vote     circle   the one   you want          JESUS            LUCIFER     NONE

To be qualified   to vote  for JESUS    one  must practice   at least first commandment.

Jesus got   98% vote  but   only 1% qulaified

LUCIFER  got 2% vote   and become  the President.


Lesson 1 Trail of spirtual healing #80

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Trail  of  spiritual healing  101  continues

Special    thanks  to  two very special  persons  are great inspiration to everyone   and to me , Pat Botti

and Shannon Quigley  inspired  me  to write this healing  tip.

Once upon  a time  there a  righteous  king.

On  the main gate  there  was  a   huge  board with   this writing.



One day  a prisoner was present to him.

The  prisoner said  to the king”  I am  not  righteous  and I am in prison,

which  kind  of  paradise  is that.  You are  king , live in a palace  which kind  of prison is that.

King  said”  My prison  is  lot  more difficult than yours.  I   wish   to be in prison,

so I can   worship  24/7 and  be with my  CREATOR 24/7.

But  LORD choose  me  to serve  my  time  as a king  and I must     serve my time  well,

by serve  LORD’s  creation   and  earn my blessings   and   may be able

to go back  home  (heaven)   otherwise I will end  up in hole.(Hell)

My prison  is  lot  more difficult than yours.

Then  he advised the prisoner    Lord  has  given  you  an opputunity to

reflect  and  serve your  time well this   not only  the  prison may turn  into heaven

you will go back home (real heaven)


PS: We  all are   serving life term,  I can earn my blessing  by serving others, and

earn my freedom  from self  not for self  and live  a free  pure life.

Addendum   Follow  the rules  in this world(prison) and the destination will be paradise here  and hereafter.

If any does not follow the rules,  their  paradise may  turn  into prison and the destination  may be hole (hell).

NOTE: For  a  righteous person  prison  may be   paradise  heading for   real paradise , for a criminal  is  prison and may be a living  hell here  heading   for  real prison (Hell)

Any one  can take  a  U turn and become  paradise  bound, not only it is  legal   it is highly recmonded.


Lesson#1 Healing tip for the soul#79

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Trail  of  spiritual  healing 101  continues

With self  awareness  and  self  love unhealthy  person can become healthy and  live happy and healthy life.

With  self awareness  and  self purification   sinner  can become saint and live peaceful life.

With  self awareness  and sincere repentance    even Lucifer  can become   the chief  of  angels   again.


PS: Self awareness  is  the key  to  live  a life of  your choice.

If  I know  and love my  body, I will eat healthy,  exercise regularly, I will get  good  sleep.

Addendum: True  healthy self awareness  is  a pay check.

Only can be earned  by complete submission and worshiping to the LORD,

and LORD   turn   into spiritual being,  and able   to serve  the creation  unconditionaly

and   may  grant heavenly life on earth.

Lesson #1 Healing tips for the soul #78

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Trail  of  spiritual healing  101  continues

My  patient are my heros

I gave  my  book  to one of my patient  and requested  her to write me a letter.

and  that is  her letter.

Dear Dr Shaikh,

I am so blessed to have you as  my doctor.

I leaned how  to love me  first.

When I start  loving myself, everything     start coming together.

I pray every day. I love God. God loves  me

If  you  do the right things and  do  the work,  god  will help  you  find  your way.

My son was disrespectful and  mean  to me,  I start praying  for him  and  GOD  send  him  to prison

for 2 months.

Now  he is a changed  person. He has part time job, he is calm  and I am so happy.

Your book helped  me   to keep my life in balance.

May God bless  you


Your Patient

Lesson #1 Healing tip for the soul #77

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Trail  of  spiritual  healing  101  continues

I have  learned  so much  from  other especialy   the ones  I least  expected.

I  work  as  a physician and well  as  a chaplan    in local prison.

I come across   Inmate   who   was there for a murder charge   and  he requested

a  one  to one visit.     Due  to security  reasons  I will call  him JOE  SMITH.

When I met him, I ask him  Do you have a lawyer,  He  said  No

I asked   will  you  defend  yourself  He said  No

What  will  you  do? I asked.

Lord  is  my attorney   and  the judge  what ever  HIS  decision  is  fine  with me.

I was  confused.  I asked  How  you come up  this decision?

All my life  I was  running  away  from Lord  and  every time I get into  trouble,

I  will pray  and  Lord  will   get  me out  of  my trouble.

Can you   give me a example?  I asked

Last year I  was  on probation and I got a call  from  my  probation officer  that I have a hearing in the morning.

I got upset I had  a job, I could   not request  to have  day  off, because  office  was  closed.

He said  you better come,  Can I  bring  my wife,  He inquired  about  her   address  and telephone  number  so he can do inquiry

I  gave  him the info .

When I got  home  my wife said  that  the probation officer  called  her  and told  her that the hearing is canceled.

I  was  confused.  I  went  to hearing  anyway.

There  was  a hearing  I got  angry  and  start yelling  and  screaming  in the  court  and  told  the story.

Judge  got upset  and gave me 6 month sentence.

In the cell I prayed  all night  Lord  Get me out of here, I realy  do not want to be here.

Deep  down I knew  God  made the right decision.  I needed  6 month  to work  on myself.

Instead of  being  happy  with Lord”s  decision, I beg   HIM  to change His  decision.

To my surprise  I  was  released  in the morning  because  judge  verified  my  story.

Now  I regret, I was  not able   to make   enough money  for my family  and  got involved  in drugs

and  end  up killing  and  end  up here  but I learned  my lesson.

What you  do all day?  I asked  I pray  17 hours   sleep  7 hours,  I  worship  and pray  17 hours and  some time I pray

in my dream.

I have peace   with  GOD.  If  I  go  on death row    my routine  will not change  till I die

If  I get life   my routine  will not change.

I   was  in a state  of  shock.

I was  looking  at a spiritual being, not a human being.

He    was      already  with GOD .

I wish  I will a spiritual being like  him.

If  Lucifer  will get  to know  him Lucifer  will bow  down  to him.



Lesson #1 Healing tip for the soul 76

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Trail  of  spiritual  healing  101  continues

From  Arif M Shaikh   M.D.

To: Lucifer   confused Ex Chief  Saint

Dear Lucifer, I read your letter,  as  a physician   I see  that

you  are sick   and need  a good  Doctor.

I will  treat  you  free,  because  I have learned  so much  from  you.

I  am  not better  than  you,  Lord  only  knows  who is better ?

LORD  is  the  only  judge.

You committed  the  original  sin,  disobed  Lord  and refuse  to bow  down.

Instead   of   repenting  which  is  universal antidote   to all   issues,  you thought  you

are wiser  than Lord.   That is   not  correct.

I can feel  your  pain, but  you   have created  your pain,  and bringing  pain  to all humans.

My recmondation  is  to try  my priscription,  if you  do not get the desired  effects,

100 %  money  gurantee  no questions  asked .

Rx  is    sincere  repentance.

You have  nothing  to loose,    and it may  be win  win    for everyone.

There is a inmate   in prison   for murder  charge,  for security  reason I will call  him Inmate  Joe Smith LP 4200

contact him, he  is lot better than you, if you get

to know  him  you  will bow  down to him  and put   to a end   to this  suffering   you  are  craeting.

any questions  please   contact me  or  visit on my web site  WWW.SCHOOLOFTRUEKNOWLEDGE.COM

Sincerely    Yours.

Arif M Shaikh  M.D.

Orignal signature  on file

PS: Remember every saint has  a past  and every sinner  has  a future. In your case  you  had  a   great past  but  no future

unless   you repent.

Note:   Doctor  patient  relationship     good  doctor listen to patients  verbal , non verbal and  to the talk,

Patient  will tell  the Doctor  what is wrong  with the Patient,  and  Dr  continue  to listen, Pt  will  tell  the Doctor  what  to  do,  and  Doctor   keep listening carefully, Pt  will  tell  you  what is  wrong  with the   Doctor.

Thank you Lucifer  telling  me  what is  wrong  with  me, Please  send  me  the bill  for your  value able  services,  I sure  owe  you a lot.

Wish  you all  the  best  what ever  you choose  to  do.


Lesson 1 Healing tip for the soul #75

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Trail  of  spiritual Healing  101  continues

From     Lucifer   the Great  ( Ex  Chief  saint) Ruler  of the world

Master  of  Most Humans.

TO:   To  the  Lord

CC:  all Humans

Tip  #73   was  a open letter  to all  human From the  LORD.

One of  my slave  human  showed  me that letter  and  I  can not  stop  laughing.


I agree  Lord  is all powerful,  all  merciful  but   with due respect I disagree   that He is all wise.

I told  HIM  that  humans   with create blood shed,     commit  sins  and  will cause  suffering,

Lord  you    not only disagreed  with me  YOU  asked  me  to bow  down  to human.

I only  bow  down  to you MY LORD.

I  could  not  understand  YOUR wisdom then,  I still  do not understand  it.

Innocent  people  are  suffering,   kids  are  dying,  sickness , diseases    suffering   pain,  fighting

It  break  my  heart,  and  YOU  send  flood  earth quake  and  all  kind   of  diasters.

I  told  YOU  this  will happen.

Face  it LORD  I am better than  human.

If  I  find  one  human better than me  I    will gladly  bow  down  to that  human,

I am sorry LORD  I have  not find    any  human  who I feel  is better than me yet.

I  am assigned  a dirty  job  to lead people  stray,   that is  the easiest  job,  they  do my job  even better than me.

and I am  a bad  guy.   Where  is  justice?  where is  wisdom?

I know on the day  of  judgement   YOU  have  to apology  to me,  but I do not need  YOUR apology,  You are

my LORD.  I  do not want to be humiliated  in front  of    every one.

I  will  willing  to  forgive  you MY  LORD, have mercy  of    humans.

I  want  to be in your company again  ,  I miss  it so  much.

LORD  humans  are nothing  but  trouble  and  root of all evil.

Lord   have mercy  and  put  an  end to this non sense.






Lesson #1 Healing tip for the soul #74

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Trail  of  spiritual healing  101  continues

Human being  are  born   innocent  and  pure.

Envoirment   and  their up bringing  can turn into saints,

scientists   schlours  , dick heads, ass holes,  jack asses  and pussy holes.

But each human being  has  a choice  to reflect.

Return  to   Lord  ,  Repent,  Repeating   repentace  till feel  forgiven, and start doing the righteous deeds,  till become pure  and innocent again.

Then transform   to the one   you was meant   to be  and serve the purpose  you was  meant to perform  and live

pure heavenly life.


PS: GOD has created   humans with perfect wisdom,  know GOD  transform and live perfect heavenly life.