Lesson 1 Healing tip for the soul #88

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Trail  of  healing  of  the soul 101  continues

I  know  the  functional capacity  of  my  mind  &  body  and  be  tested  to be sure

I know  I  can get   my  body   can be  scaned .

Can I  know  the  functional capacity of  my  soul   or   soul  can be scaned?

Without  a healthy  soul  my  body  is  just  a   toxic  waste  of  sins.


PS: Healthy  soul  resides  in  a  sin free  body, and  get  sick  or  die  in a  toxic    sinful body,

the body  without  soul  is   beast  in  human   body.

How I see the world

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Where  I  sit  and  view  the  world,    It help  me   constantly  change my  world .

I become physician because I wanted  to help people, only  to realize, that I can not help no one ,

but learn  from  everyone.

Some one once said ” if  doctor  listen to the patient, patient will tell  what is  wrong  with the patient,

If doctor listen more carefully, Patient will tell  what  the  doctor  should  do about  it, and  if  doctor

listen more carefully Patient will tell the doctor, what is wrong with the  doctor.

I  find  is  true.

That remind  of  Jesus saying ” Physicians  thy heal themselves”

Patients  are  just  mirrors  showing  me  my sick self,  and helped   me grow personally.

I am  grateful  to  each one  helping  me  who I  am  and I love that.

Healing  tips  are  basically what I learned  from others and like  to share  with others, hoping  to

have their input, so I  keep learning  from others.

The  letters  I  received  from  others   are lot more powerful  than the book I  wrote.

This  book  is  just  a talk   but the letters    from others  are  the walk, and walk is

much louder than the talk.

I thank  to my  Creator, and  to the

creation  to help me all along, especially  my  parents, my siblings

my wife, my children,   co workers , family, friends, my patient, and all humans in general.


Healing tip for the soul #87

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Trail  of  healing  for  the  soul    101 continues

Everything  and  everyone  is  created    by  the  CREATOR   with perfect  wisdom, all  equal   and  serving their  purpose.

Angels,  devil, humans    all  created  by  the CREATOR,  all  equal   like  the  teeth  of  a  comb.

Angels   do  not have  a  free  will   and  perform  their  duties  and  always  get  a  A   for their performance.

Lucifer   was  the only  one  with free   will,  he   or  she  did  so  well  that  he  earned  A+.

and  was  appointed    as  the chief  of  angels.

Having  a  strong  will  and  week  conscious  Lucifer  considered  him  or  her  better  than  others.

That  made  his  or  her  soul  sick.

When  God  tested   Lucifer   by ordering  to bow  down to  human,  he  refused  and  earned  a  D

had  a  dead  soul.     LIVE     spelled  backward    become EVIL   with    have a  D   become DEVIL.

One  sin  Lucifer  chief  of  angel into  DEVIL  still   equal  to  angels  and  human.

Instead  of  repenting   and  become  chief  of  angels     Devil  decided    to  turn  every  human   into devil.

Devil  lied  to  Adam  and  Eve  and  tricked  them  and  they end  up  committing     sin.

They  repented   and  were  forgiven   and  they  are  back  in  heaven  living  a  better life  than  angels.

Each  human    has  a free  will,   follow   God  or  follow   devil and  become   devil.

Devil  is  sick  and want  everyone  to become sick.  anti LIVE  Pro EVIL.

Each  human   has  a choice   to become  better  than angels  or  become  a devil


PS: Angels, Devil, Humans  are  all equal,  if  I look  up  to devil  I  broke  the first commandment,

if  I  look  down  to devil  or  any one  I  will become  a devil,   If  I  look  up  to  anyone  except  GOD

I  broke  the first  commandment,   learn  from  everyone, judge  no one

and  you  will live  heavenly life.

Addendum:  I   have  lost  many battles,  and  devil  had  won  many battles, but I  stay connected  with GOD  and

have   pure  FAITH, I will   win  the  final  war  and  will be victorious.

NOTE      FAITH   always  unite,  devil  use  religion  to divide.  Have  a  strong  FAITH  before  choosing   any religion.

and  you  will  meet  GOD

With healthy  faith    I  will have  a  healthy   soul   and I   will   LIVE   a   happy   healthy  life.

Without    faith  or   defective  faith   I will have  dead or sick  soul  and I will be LIVE  spell  backward

EVIL  and  earn  a D  and be a    DEVIL, and best I  will be  comfortably unhappy.