Devine Self Purification Center & Peace Garden

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Devine Self Purification Center & Peace Garden

Seven Sin-Buster Commandants for


  • Pray in secret like there is no tomorrow.
  • Work like it is worship and you need the money.
  • Take care of your mental, physical, and spiritual health forever.
  • Everyone is blessed. You must earn your blessings by serving them.
  • You were born with this body, mind, and heart. Together you will stay together till death do you part. If you love yourself in sickness and in health your life will be a HONEYMOON.
  • You must love, learn, and be thankful to everyone.
  • Stay in a state of worship. You will be saved from the 7 sins and will live a heavenly life.

Seven Deadly Sins 


Desire to have a quality possession, or other attribute belonging to someone else.


A selfish desire for more of something than is needed.


Spiritual apathy and inactivity.


A passionate and intense desire or craving.


Excessive eating and drinking, overindulgence.


A high opinion of one’s own dignity, importance, merit, or superiority.


Strong vengeful anger or indignation.

School of True Knowledge

Course 1: Ph.D. in Spirituality

Prerequisite: Poor, hungry and driven soul.

Takeaway: Purification of the heart and divine wisdom.

Course 2: LPN (Love, Purification, and Nobility)

Prerequisite: Heartbroken and seeking love.

Takeaway: Love, purification, and nobility.


You are the student, and you are the teacher.

You will reward 🥇yourself with the degree. Good luck on your journey.