Lesson 1 Spirtual Healing Tip 35

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Trail  of spirtual healing  101   continues

Special thanks  to a kind human being Shannon Quigley RN    for being  the inspiration  to write this  tip.

Life teaches  each human  being the much needed lessons, humans  can learn  or disregard  those

lessons,  and that shapes  their  thinking process how to interact with self  and others.

Religous people are taught to be  religous and how  they should view others, if they  have the

same belief  system  they are ok  an they are more than willing to teach others  their belief  system

whether   others like it or not  off course  at no  cost in most cases.

Off couse not every  religous person   practice that way

Psychiatrist are taught in med school  and during their training   how to diagnose  mental issues,

and  treat them only if they are being paid for  that.   Not every Psychriatst practices that  way

There  are those  exceptional  people  who    can see under the surface and learn from everyone without judging

and serve everyone  with best of their abilities.

Those  people  take the  path of life long   effortful learning,  love , learn  from everyone, and only teach if

they are asked  do so  weather other has the ability to pay or not.

Those  people  tranform into rightous people,  with a sense or purpose,  acquire  a peace and happiness

which can only be felt,   and very difficult  to explained to others.


PS   Be rightous  rest is detail.

Lesson#1 Spirtual Healing Tip #34

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Trail of  spirtual Healing  101  continues

                                           BEAUTY IN THE BEAST

*Long time ago there was   a beautiful princess, Not only was  she  beautiful,

she was  more beautiful inside,   humble, and rightous.

She was  an angel in true sence.

There was a beast in the kingdom, who use to rape and kill women.

One day that beast got into the palace and grabed the princess,

The Princes looked  him  his eye, and the  beast was shocked.

  No one ever dared to look into  his eyes  like she did, no fear  but love for him.

He started trembling and fal on the ground.

The Princes said I see  a beautiful soul in you,  lets pray together.

I will pray for your forgiveness and you repent for your sins.

He   agreed, both prayed, tears   flowed  like streams, theirs clothes got soaked.

Suddenly princess stood up and kissed the beast on his forehead and  he  turned  into a Prince.

Both thanked    GOD,  and   Princess asked him to marry her.

I have to serve time for my crimes. My repentance will  not   heel the pain I caused, or repair the

damage I have caused.

 May be I can do community service rest of my life.

Why not join the prison ministry?  Princess suggested.

He  agreed  and filled application  to work as volentter in  the prison ministry  to help inmates. 

He applied   at  a  local prison  to be a volunteer  priest.  They did a back ground check  and discovered

that he is a murderer and rapist and got arrested  for rape and killing charges, and was sentenced to a life term.

How ever he was allowed  to conduct   services  for male inmates ony.

Of couse  with  no pay and no  benefits.  he accepted the  position and soon   he prayed for everyone

and inmates who repented  start turning into  rightous people.

Those  rightous inmates  ministered  other  to  and  very soon the  prison turned into paradise.

When the  princess visisted  the Prince (ex beast)   he requested   her to  minister female  inmates.

The Princess   agreed   and the  female inmates  started  turning  into rightous women.

When these  inmates got  released, they will minister  others .

He learned  a lot. He discovered  innocent inmates serving time and he reminded them that

they are following the footstep of  Joseph  who was also innocent and that comforted them.

He met Jerry Sandusky and he saw a saint in him. and requested him to pary for him and  the

people put him there  in particular and  everyone in general.

Saint Jerry Sandusky   agreed to do so.

Very soon  there were no  crimes  in the  kingdom, no prisons  except one which house the  Princes (ex beast)

and  Saint Jerry Sandusky..

He    continues   doing 7/17    7 hours sleep  17 hours worship.

Every one in the kingdom lived happily ever after.

Princess rented a room across that prison, and faithfully visited  the ex beast every thursday 9 to12

the only time  she  could visit  and one  call a month only  call allowed   as Doody Sandusky who

drive every thurday 3 hours each way only to see Jerry for 3 hours.

Both lived  happily,and  theirs bodies  were apart but they were   true soul mates.

  and  both  died the same day  and were  burried  next to each other and lived  in heaven

together for ever.   NO END


PS:Forgiveness  and repentance are universal cure for all ailments.

Addendum: Each human has a beast and angel,  repentance and forgiveness  will

turn anyone into angel. Choise is mine   a) Angel    b) Beast   a I win B I loose.

Note If I become an angel, I will be able to see angel in everyone. Only

repentance is not enough, I must serve rest of my life to be  an angel only if

God  aprove that I have serve my time well. Otherwise I may end up in a hole.


Lesson #1 Spitual Healing tip 33

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Trail of spirtual healing 101 continues

Last sunday  in harrisburg newspaper  there was  stroy  of   25 yrs

marine  who served  two combat tours ,one in Iraq and one in Afghanistan.

When he returned home he faced  more viscous  internal enemies of fear, guilt and hopelessness.

He has no training  to fight those enemies, and all the  weapons he tried, Counsling, medication

and sheer will failed. He  successfuly killed  himself and lost the life game, died before his time.

He was diagnosed PTSD (the war within)caused by bad  experiences.

Another event in Texas  a peson  killed  and wonding multiple  person, and killed himself.

It seems  nothing worked   for him  too.

Eash human go though PTSD in one form or other, that is the  part of growing up.

What equipment do I need  to combat my inner  war?

I do know that I have fear and guilt that stop me to live   full, not only I have to know  this

but a plan how to treat myself  before I become  hopeless and take my life before my time.

Sourse of fear is what others  did to  me  and I  have trusting others due to that fear.

I am suffering and punishing myself  for the crimes other did to me instead  of learning  the much needed 

lessons  and be thankful for free education and  be thankful  to those  who tough me  but not to tell them

knowing them they will send me the bill for their services.

Souse of guilt is  wrong   I did to myself  and to others . I must repent to myself and other and become the

strong advocate agaist all  the crimes I  comited and share the consequances I suffer and be a example for others.

Of couse the treatment of  fear and guilt is life long process.

I must do my home work regularly and in return I will become more and more hopeful and live a full time instead

of dying  or  killing myself  before  my time.


PS:Faith is the engine I need  to do good deeds, With faith and good deeds I can overcome any internal and

esternal  issues.

Addendum: Faith like engine need  tuneup oil change and  fuel to keep going. Maingting my faith(engine),

using LOVE  as fuel,PATIENCE as oil change, and  WORSHIP  my  tune up, I will reach my  destination.

NOTE: Defective faith is worse than no  faith. With no faith I will kill myself, with defective faith I will kill  others  before killing

myself.  The day I was born  with ability to live  healthy 130 yrs. But due the toxic encounters and the mistakes I made tool a tool

on the quantity of life which is irreversible.  But I can become  aware  any time, learn and love my inner enemy, I will have no

enemy and I will live happity till death make  me depart from myself     THE E ND   But  Begin of a heavenly life for ever.   NO END