Lesson #1 Healing tip for the soul #68

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Trail  of spiritual  healing 101  continues

Special thanks   to a special    person Frank Prestine  to inspire me to write this  tip.

I came  to US   in 1973   and tasted freedom.

I loved  US.  Not only  all  my dreams came true,  lot

of  dreams  I never dreamed of   also came true.

Truly I   did have freedom   for myself  and  I enjoyed  it immensely.

One  day   I  was  reflecting on myself   and   I realized  I am not 100%  free.

I discovered  a master with in .

Since then  I   have  a civil war  with in.

This  was  and is  the most difficult war I  ever have in my life time and

it is  a ongoing  till  today.


PS: I want LORD  my  master,  and  with out LORD’s help   I never be totally  free.

Addendum: Freedom from myself  is more difficult  than freedom   for myself.

NOTE: The  major danger to my well being  and  to  the world  lies within me.