Human Saga

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I met this  inmate in prison, I  gave  him my book  Healing tips for mind body and  soul

on Dec 31,2008.   when  ever I see  him  I  will ask  how   he like my book. He keep telling me

he likes it a  lot  and  he  will write me a letter

On  8/18/2019    he gave me  this letter almost 11  years  later

Doctor  Shaikh,

I want to thank you  for  the  book  healing tip  for mind, body and  soul.

It has helped  me  a lot and made me open my eyes to the fact that not all people are the same, or that they are out there to do me harm.

it helped  me  to realize that suicide  was not an answer.

I am grateful to have met you and to have the book.

For many years  I spend blaming others and treating others like crap when they did not deserve that.

I spent a lot of time reading  and learning something new about life and about myself.

I took the time because of having  problems  of forgiving myself and others.

As I took time  learning to forgive myself  and courage to ask  for forgiveness.

Little by little  I  was  able  to learn and forgive  my Dad. He abused  me   as  a child  because of his alcoholism,

for more than 13  years  of my life.

I was  bullied and I become aggressor toward  others   which brought me  to  prison.

I have  spoken to my Mom   and asked  for her forgiveness  for I the  pain I caused her  through out

my life.

I also took time   to ask  the  mother  of my  kids and asked  for her forgiveness and  I  start having  good  relationship

with her.

My relationship  with my children are getting better, and  we can talk without arguments and enjoy each other.

I got  my GED I also  obtained my Business education, so I ever decide  to open my business, I know  how to handle buisness

and keep it running.

I also  obtained  Certificate  of Hospice Care  so I can  help those  who can not help themselves.

I plan to open  Garage  and detaining shop one day.

I learned  to sing and play key board and make  lot of people smile, who  were down and out in prison.

Mostly  I  spent lot of  time alone reflecting on my life, so when  I will get a chance   to  go back  to community,

they will see  me  as regretful  person for the   pain I caused   to others .

I know I am a new  man in the eye  of GOD.

I Just want  to really thank you   for the book, that helped  me  to become a  better person along   with being a better  father ,son

not just for me , but for family  and the community.

I am    happy I am leaving this institution and moving back  to community and  thanks  to you  and  GOD that I was able to accomplish

things ,I have never thought I ever   would  be  in my life, to become the  person I am today.

Today Only way to show  my  appreciation by doing the right things and to follow  the rules and stay out of trouble,

so I  do not go back to the same road that brought me to prison or failing  anyone in my life again.

Thank you and  May LORD  continue  to watch over you and your family, and continues  to use  you  to blessings to others,


Ex Inmate.

Great  Human  Saga

Born as  human  being—> Victim of   Alcoholic  father x 13  years —>Victim  of  society–>turned  into  criminal —

–>  got into prison—-> 2019   Free  man back  into the society  labeled  Ex convict  not  ex victim,

What  future  hold   Time  will  only tell.  Human  saga  continues.

Lesson of this story for me: when I reflect I realize that GOD had put me through boot camp to prepare me  to feel the pain of others, judge no one , love ❤️ learn and serve  everyone and live pure heavenly life 😇

PS: With self  purification I can clearly  identify  the evil with in , and  sign a  peace treaty.

Than I will  see virtues  in everyone  and  have  peace  with everyone ability to keep safe distance   from evil within and  evil outside.



Spirtual Being8/23/2019

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  • A true Spirtual being 😇 haunted  by  past sins,

  • stay in state of remorse and repentance sees

  • virtues in others ,sees vices within,

  • serves  others hoping to acquire their virtues,

  • and continues to do heavy duty self power wash

  • for self purification 😇

Spirtual Being 8/16/2018

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Security System 8/16/2019

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human mind is a battle field.

Heart ❤️ is under attack.

Installing a perfect security system  is a key 🔑 to live a peaceful like.

PS: each human is different and need to make a  custom made  system for himself or herself.

Any other system will not work .

Oneness 8/14/2019 is

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When I do good deed, positive affect become universal.

when I do bad deed, the negative affect is  also universal.

I  may not see the effects, but I reflect  I will feel my quality of life is directly proportional to the quality of my good and bad deeds as well the and quality of universe .

My quality of life today is what I did yesterday and tomorrow’s quality will be what I am doing today,

Moral : think twice before doing any thing, do not underestimate the power of my actions .

Vision 8/7/19

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When  I see beauty perfection, and opportunities in everything & everyone

with my eyes  👀 open  and see the same with my eyes  closed on me

my  heart ❤️ vision is 20/20

if this is not the case my heart ❤️ need heavy duty  power wash .

PS: for free self heavy duty power wash  visit peace garden  at School of true knowledge 239 S front street

Steelton pa 17113

Entrance in the back  street