Lesson #1 Spirtual Healing Tip #30

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Trail of spirtual healing 101 continues

Humans  are  flesh made of dirt, will go back to dirt, after serving  its purpose.

Purpose is to house soul and carry   soul, like  a horse , soul  be the rider.

If the flesh is not tamed properly  will take the soul, where it not meant to be

with serous consequances.


PS: If I  look into the mirror and not  visulize the creator, I have  a defective  and sick heart.

Addendum: Flesh driven  person  can be comfortable  unhappy.

Soul driven person  are always happy.

NOTE:My real war  is with my flesh,  taming  it and keep  it under control.

Lesson 1 Spirtual Healing tip 29

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Trail  of spirtual healing  101  continues

*All my life what I wanted, what  I needed  and what received never matched.

*I never felt  this is a perfect  world.

*Now looking back  I realized, that I wanted, received and what I needed was a

perfect triagle  and the world was always perfect.

*Now I can say with  certainity, my past was perfect, my present is perfect,

and I know  my future  will be perfect.

*God is incharge, God know what  was done  was perfect, what is happening is perfect,

Future will be perfect,  Because Incharge is perfect.


PS:   a perfect faith   on God is  reqired  to see perfection in everything and everyone.

Lesson 1 Spirtual healing tip 28

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Trail of   spitual healing   101  continues

Humans  are vessel of flesh  house GOD.

So I can not  look down to no one, judge no one  just learn from everyone.

Devil  judged the flesh and was rejected. Unable to see GOD in human.

If I do that I will be  following the  foot steps of devil.

When any one say or do anything to me, If I ask GOD to tell me the  hidden

message & I will hear the word of GOD.

If I believe on my ears  and process through my brain, Message I hear and  understading  is

my flesh understanding, which may not be  the true message.


PS:  Flesh controled  by GOD=  Best creation.

Flesh  with out GOD=  any thing but the best creation.

Lesson #1 Spirtual healing tip 27

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Trail of spirtual healing 101 continues

*Humans  area created  in the best form, and

send here which is a boot camp.

*Goal is  walk on a pure path,   boots  must  stay clean and pure,

and I will  raech my destination. Heaven.

*If I notice that my path is not pure, or my boots are not pure or clean,

I can get new pair of boots, and start my path on  pure straight path.

*   Boot  supply is limitless  and it is never too late, to get on  straight path.


PS: Finding the pure straight t path and staying on it  is road to paradise.

Addendum: Boots  are the faith,(keep it pure &strong), Rightous deeds are the

work and   HEAVEN  is the paycheck.



lesson #1 Spritual healing tip 26

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trail of spirtual healing  101   continues

*It is  much harder to care  for myself  and others.

*It is  easy not to care about self  and others.

*It  is  lot  more harder  to keep my opinion to myself,

and let my walk  do the care talk for myself  and others.


PS: I  do not have to tell myself  to eat healthy excercise,

healthy sleep and feed my mind  with  healthy thoughts and

healthy  soul food  for   for for my soul.  DO IT.

Addendum: If  any one is not ready to hear my walk,

my talk will   only  make me a troulbemaker.

Note:  Watch that  tougue,  It very well can be  a  weapon of mass destrution.

Moral:  Talk and everyone  walk away, Walk and and I will reach  to my destination,

and  more likely people  will like to walk  with me.

Talk Most likely I lose, Walk and I win.