Lesson #1 Healing Tips for the soul #64

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Trail  of  spiritual healing  101  continues

*Long  time  ago there  was  a merciful  kind LORD, almighty & all powerful.

*Almighty  LORD  creates  heavens , angels animals plant   and the universe.

* Everyone was living in peace and hormony,  no one has  the   free  will.

*Every one called  the  LORD     big ” L”

* Lord created lucifer   with fire, and grant him  free will.

* lucifer  choose  to obey   the   LORD    and  exceled   and was appointed   as chief  of  angels.

* Every one  start calling  him little “l”  and  he  end  up having a big head.

* There  was peace harmony every where.

*Lord  created Adam   with  dirt, and  intill soul   in him,  and declared  that Humans  will be

LORD’s  representative.

*Everyone questioned  how humans   will represent you,  by shedding  blood  creating  problems.

*LORD  replied  I  know  what no one knows and ordered  everyone to bow  down to  LORD’s representative.

*Everyone  did,  but  lucifer  refused  to bow  down  to Adam.

*lucifer said  LORD  I am made of fire,  Adam is made of dirt, I  am better  and I will prove to you if  you    give me the  opportunity.

That was  the first  sin.

* instead  of being thankful what ever  was  granted to lucifer, and obeyed  LORD’s command, he  would discover the secret

only  LORD  knew.

*Humans  are best creation because they have  soul.

*If  I feed  my  soul, then    I will turn into spiritual being,  and   every human being  will be my soul mate, and

I  will become the representative of  the LORD and little “l”  can not  tempt me to commit  sins.


PS: LORD is the  soul guard,   and  can guard  my  body, by being  a spiritual being.

NOTE: little ‘l’  can  intoxicate my  mind, body and  heart, but LORD  can  detox  me  if I repent

and  ask  big ‘L’   for help.

Addendum: If I ever  look  down  to any human being, even  Hitler, Bin Laden, I will become

captive  of  small ‘l’

To contact   please  call  toll  free  1 -800-BIG-LORD

press one  if you want to submit to  LORD’s will  and want to give  BIG L   your power of attorney,

Press  2  if  you  have a special request

Press  3  if you have  a suggestion   how  BIG L  can  do a better  job,

Press 4   to file  grievance, complain or request  a fair hearing or   need  help filing  your grievance, complain  or  request for fair hearing

Press 0   to talk directly  to  LORD.