Healing Tips for the Mind, Body & Soul #14 Part 2

Posted By: Joe Uhrinek on April 23, 2016 in Uncategorized - Comments: No Comments »


I remember you once showed me a letter that one of your patients had written to you, and how proud you felt to receive it. Everyone wants recognition, to be appreciated for their efforts, and feel what they do really counts.

I for one, admire you so much. Every time I visit your office, you always have very positive words of wisdom to share with me, and of course, also a great sense of humor.

Just being a physician, in a basic way, is not your. You desire much more for people. You want others to live a happier life and feel inner peace in the stressful times we face. That comes from a spiritual love deep inside your heart. I’ve never had a doctor before that is so willing to look inside someone, see the need there, then try to help them feel better about themselves and better about their life.

Most doctors focus only on the physical condition. Most are caught up in time, rushed and even overwhelmed by meeting a schedule. But not you; you make your own rules of life. How rare that is.

The last time I came in for a check-up, I was concerned about the safety of my six year old grand daughter. You and I discussed prayer and faith. You asked me how much time I devoted to prayer, which isn’t the problem. Then you enlightened me to strengthen my faith by letting go and believing the Lord will watch over her. I was still allowing myself to “worry” instead of allowing Him to take on my pleading. You are so right. I spoke to my oldest son about you . He is a devout Christian and told me, “your doctor is right Mom.” He said, “I wish I could see Jalyn every day and know she is alright, but I can’t; I have to believe that God sees and knows and will take care of her for me.”

So, thanks to you, I feel much better about it. I also know that the Holy Spirit intercedes for me. Before the end comes, there will be so much evil and suffering in the whole world. It breaks my heart to know the pain and fear others less fortunate will experience. Like you said though, I must believe and have faith He will abide.

Thank you so much, and I pray God will bless you and yours.