Lesson #1 Spirtual Healuing tip #22

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Trail of spirtrual healing 101 continues

*This  world  is a  prison and we  all   are on death row.

*The golden rule “Judge   not  and I will not be judged”

Devil judged and passed a judgement that he is better than Adam.

That was a wrong judgement on his part and he was rejected.

If I look down to anyone I will follow  devils footsteps and will be rejected.

*If I look up to anyone I am breaking the first commandment  and I will be a failure.

If I learn  from every one, every one will be my teacher and in return I must serve my teacher

and earn by rewards and I will serve my time well.

I will  live peaceful life and  death will  be  the   door to freedom to go back home and there

will be a  life after life in heaven.

I f  I  will judge others, my life will be  a  living hell  and will be afraid of death  knowing that  I  may

end up in hole  unless I give up judging.


PS  Judge not and I will live,  able to   love, learn serve and repent and  prison will turn into paradise ,

Judge others this prison will turn into torture chamber  and  I  be dreadful of dying  and

die  a  painful death and may end up in a hole.

Addendum:  My judgement   You are ok I am not ok  and that is ok.


Lesson Spitual Healing tip 21

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Trail  of spirtual healing    101  continues

*One person  was frustrated  always back stabed  by friends and family.

*He wished  if he can see the true picture of  humans.

*Jennie showed  up  and give him a   magic cap,  when on his head will

show the true identy of everyone.

*The man was delighted and put the cap on  and was surprised to see his best frinds

and family resemble pigs.

*All the people he used  to look up looked  like devils.

*All the people  he used  to look down looked  like angels.

*When he saw in the mirror  he saw  a pig waering  a cap.

(This answer  why  I can not do what I want to do.I do not know that there

is a pig with in,  and I am trying to teach pig  how to sing,  If I feel frustrated  ask

the pig with I am not aware of.  Let  me become self aware  and let  the  evolution begin  let  

 turn pig into human before  teaching to sing)


 PS: If you do not like the company you keep change your self and company will change.

Addendum: Look into mirror before you look at others.

NOTE:  When I go to prison  I see inmates  behind bars, when I put my cap on  I see angel

behind bars,  and see devil with in.

Inmates are  blessed   because they are serving, I can learn  from them  and serve then to earn

my blessing, needed  to place  the devil within me behind bars.






Lesson 1 Spitual Healing tip 20

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Trail  of spirtual healing continues

No Pain No gain.  Pain without gain is unhealthy and unnecessary.

No suffering  no joy.  Suffering without joy is unhealthy and  unnecessary.

No Trash  No cash.  Trash  without  a cash is unhealthy and  unnecessary.

No work no paycheck. Work without paycheck is unhealthy and unnecessary.

no  growth no wisdom.  Growing  without wisdom  is unhealthy and  is a waste.

There is alway two sides of a coin.

Coin with one side  is worthless.



Lesson 1 Spirtual Healing tip 19

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Trail of   spirtual healing 101   continues

I liked  what I read some where that The speed  of the light travels faster than the speed

of sound.

Which is why some people apear bright untill they open their mouth.

In Reakity  some people  do not have to open their mouth, because their actions  are

much louder that words.

That talk  travels much faster than light and  can be very effective or destructive  depend who

receives  it.


PS: It is not what I hear  see or feel it is how  I process it. If I judge myself  and learn form

everything  and everyone I wim. I judge  I loose.

Addendum:    Every thing  lies in the eyes, ears and other senses  of beholder, depenting how is is processed.


Lesson No 1 Lesson 18

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Trail  of Healing    101  continues

*Some believe that birth, marriage  and death are preordained.

*My  personal believe is  that every thing  is preordained designed

to teach  me muchh needed  lessons so I  can grow and be honeymoon

with myself  till till  death make me apart and my honeymoon with my

Creator  begins  and that will be eternal.

*Any how  birth   no one has  a choice.

*I do have  a choice  to become self aware  and start my honeymoon with  myself.

*The quality of  my honeymoon  after  marriage depend  upon the quality of my

honeymoon before marriage.

*Marriage  and death seem like mystries  no one seems to predict  what  is after

death or after marriage.

*So it is understadale why people are afraid of marriage and death and  try to bypass

marriage knowing that every one have to face death.

*If I love God , I will love myself and  of course love my spouse.

*It may seem  honeymoon with myself  or with my wife is like boot camp.

*That is  God’s way to prepare me to  be in the company  of God  and live happily hereafter.


PS:If I  do  can not be on honeymoon with myself, honeymoon after marriage  will be unlikely

and my eternal  honeymoon is out of question.

Attendum: If I   become self aware,  life here  and hereafter  will be honeymoon.