Lesson 1 Spirtual Healing Tip 60

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Trail of spirtual healing 101 continues

God Created  all the universe  and  angels and everything and every one just obey God’s will.

God Created the devil    and  gave him  a strong will.

Devil has  a will  and he choose  to  obey God’s will   and  he  become the chief of angel and felt good

and was hopeing that God  will appoint  him as his representative.

Then God  created human    and gave him a week will and declared that humans  will be my representative.

Angels questioned  why you  created human and give them power, they will create trouble and do blood shed

we  just obey you  and there is peace all over.

God  replied  I know  what you do not  and ordered every one to bow down to  Adam and Eve.

All did except devil. Devil said   I am better  than humans   and it is unfair  on your part to ask me to bow down to

inferioir creation, if you give me a chance I will prove it to you.

So the human saga began.

Human are no match to devil, but any human will submit his or her will  to God, will become the  supreme creation.

How do I know  what is the will of God?

When I reflect  I realize  this is a boot camp and every human  is  God’s master piece  and everyone  is going through

training  to serve a greater purpose.

When I reflect  I did good  things and I did bad things, other people  did  good things to me and I did good things to other.

My job is   repent   for all my sins and become the advocate  against the bad things I ever did  I did or other did to me, and

promote the good  things I ever did and other did to me.

That is God’s purpose  for me  and I   will  have empathy  for everyone  including  the devil  and  learn,  love and serve everyone.

I will feel that  my will will be the same  ad God’s will  and I will live a heavenly life.


PS:Each human is God’s  master piece, If I judge  them I am following the foot steps of devil, and my life will be  living hell

If I learn from everyone all pieces  will  fall into their place and I will see God  and live a heavenly life


Lesson #1 Spirtual Healing #59

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Trial of  spirtual healing     101 continues

Religion is like a knife.

In a hand  of some religious people   is a tool  to defend their religion,

even justify killing someone.

In the hand  of  rightous   or spirtual  people   is  to tool  to slaughter their own

desires  like Abraham  did.

Some religous   perosn see wrong   in the world.

Rightous   or spitual person  see wrong within.

Some religous people’s  talk is  better than their walk.

True reghtous people’s   walk  do the talking for them.


PS: Religous  person fight back  and win sometime.

Rightous /spirtual  people   forgive and  always  win in the long run.

Religous  people wish everyone  follow their religion.

Rightous  spirtual pesrson  wish everyone  would have better peace  than he or she has.

Religous people are   at war   with  outside devil  of them.

Spirtual/Rightous   persons   are  with  devil within 24/7.

Addendum: Religous people’s need  are usualy   fulfilled  by the congegration

they serve.

Rightous/spirtual  fullfilled  the need of others and God fulfill  their need.