Skeletons 11/21/20

Posted By: Dr. Shaikh on November 21, 2020 in Uncategorized - Comments: No Comments »

Every  encounter I ever  had  left  a mark, meant to teach me a lesson.

Now I reflect I  was  judgmental, liked  some disliked  some,

loved some hated  some, good  become part on my existence and

rest become the skeletons in the close,when closets  over flow , I

end up having  a grave yard. No  knowing skeletons  are  rotting  and

I  have  a rotten life &  being   haunted all the time from the grave yard

and live in fear.

Even my  own skeleton is rotting , my flesh is  toxic , sick heart

and dysfunctional mind.

Self purification is the only  solution,  I  must LOVE  everyone and

everything  and learn the lessons  I must learn , only way  for   self purification

Only then I  will be  able to  clean my closets and   dig the  grave yard   and learn the needed

lessons  and live a heavenly life I was meant to live.