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I  can   see  with  my  eyes and  I  can  feel  with my  heart.

What I see  matches  what  I feel and  my  tongue  only  expresses

the  truth.

Then  my  heart  will see  and  my  eye   will feel.

I will  have  peace  with  myself and live in  peace  with everyone.


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Some  one  shared   a  great  story and  I love  to share   with  everyone.

There  was  a  man  who  murdered  99  people  raped 100 girls molested 100 boys  and  did  all   kind of  bad things all  his  life.

One  day  he start  feeling  sorry  for   all  his  sins  and  wanted  to repent.

He  went  to  one  Saint  who  had  never committed  any  sin.

He  asked  him    If  I repent  do  you  think  GOD  will  forgive me.

He listened  to  his list  of  sins and  crimes  and said   I  do not  think  so.

Man  got  angry  and  killed  him  too.

Now  he  was  more sorry   and  went  to a righteous  man  and asked   the same  question.

Righteous man  replied    GOD’s mercy  is lot  more  than  your  sins  but   it  should  be  a  true  repentance.

Fist  leave  this  town and  go  to  another  city    and  join  people  who are  in  state  of  repentance  24/7.

That  man  left    for  that  town   on  his  way  he  died.

Angel  of  hell   want to take  him  to  hell, and  angel of  heaven  wanted  to take  him  to  heaven.

They decided  if  he is  closer  to  city  where  he way  going   compared  to the  city  he  was  he  left he  must  go

to heaven.otherwise will go to hell.
God changed the geophrahy of earth so he will be closer to the city he was going to.

Angels find him  closer  to  the city  he  was  going  to    and  end  up  in  heaven.

Saint   was  like  Lucifer   become  judgmental and  Sinner man  like  Adam    repented  and    was  forgiven.

When that man reached heaven all his victoms wellcomed him thanking him due to his pure repentance GOD forgave them
because they were victoms of that man.

No  one  do    more  sins  than  the  mercy  of  GOD.  Any  one look  down  to  anyone   and  not  repent  can not  have  enough  good  deeds  to  go  to heaven.