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Special  thanks  to  one  wonderful  spirtual  being ( I will call  Her  Jane  Smith)  not her  real name   for being a  inspiration  for me to write this  healing Tip


If  I  truely  love  myaself,   I  have a  up hill  task  to   fight against the  my  lazziness,

if  I     conquor   my lazziness,   keep  growing    and   will  heavenly  life.

Then  I    will  have  the capacity  to  love others   unconditionaly.

When I  claim   to  love  others  I  am  truely a  self  abuser, and   never ever  live  a

heavenly  life.

Self love    I  will see   wisdom  with  in, become  self  aware  and  become  spirtual being.

All   the  pains  tuen into  joy.

All  the  things  used  to cause  agony   now  bring  peace.

Nothing  chnaged,  except  me,   from  human being  to  spirtual being.

PS   My  worst  enemy   is  my  lazziness,   to  confront  myself.



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Humans   are  made  of  dirt.

God  blow the  breath in us and  we starting  breathing.

I  must  thank  God  for  each  breath , stay  connected  with my maker,

and  live  heavenly  life.



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For  every  sickness  there  is  a  cure.

All  I  have to  do    dig  within  and  find  my  sickness  and  look  for  cure and  live  heavenly life.

If  I  am  not  living heavenly life, I  do not know  my  disease, or have a  wrong diagnosis,

or not  looking   in the right place  for  cure, or  do not  have a  good   Physician.



Healing Tip of the day 11/14/2016

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Life  is   suffering  followed   by the  reward.

The  reward is  discover the purpose  of  life.

Avoid    or  deny  suffering   is  a  sickness  and  cause  suffering.

Spiritual   beings  well   come  the  suffering   and  keep  consuming  those  suffer  and keep  growing.

I have  a  choice  to    welcome  suffering  and  consuming  it     and  keep  growing.

Or  avoid   or  deny  suffering  and    create   suffering  for  myself  and  others .

Either  way  I  will   serve    mu  purpose.