Lesson 1 Spirtual Healing tip 55

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101 Trial of spirtual healing continues.

Long time ago  there was a small town  with no rain  for several years.

People were praying  for rain.

One man  saw  poor man  praying stating O God forgive our sins and  give us

rain   and continued repeating give  us rain, and give us now  and keep  reapting.

To that man surprice it start raining  and  he was impressed.

Poor man  stood up and  walk away, the other man followed  him to his home.

He   gather information about  that man.

He was told  he keep to himself no one realy know  much about him.

He decided to investigate and discovered  that he work one day a week  with a

temp agency. He told  the agency that he will hire him one day a week .

That poor man showed  up  to work for that man and  he  made a great offer,

lot of money  and offer him to stay  in his house.

Poor man  questioned  why is he se generous  with him.

Is this  important?

Yes it is the most important thing I like to know.

That man told  him the  the story of rain.

That man said I   can not accept that offer  and said you must be a rightous man

other wise God  does not reveal this kind of secret  to any one.

I  had     secret   relation with God  and  life was good,

now you know this  and then others will know it, I do not want it and do not need it.

He start praying right there  God take me now , take me now  and before  that man

approach  that poor man,  he was dead.

People  make  a  huge grave  for him  and people still go there to  pray.


PS: Rightous people   are special people of God  and God  does reveal that

secret to very special people. I do not  find rightous people, I need lot of work to do.

Rightous people are all over some times they do not know themselves.

You might find one in the morror.



Lesson 1 Spirtual Healing tip #54

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Trail of spiritual healing    continues


I work in the prison  and discovered  a  saint.

Saint Joe Smith ( not his real name)   never complained, quiet person,

happy all the time ,which is  very     unusual   for   a  inmate.

That made very  curious but it was very difficult to get any information, So I

start giving out my healing tips, he  liked  those.

One day he said  how I come up such great healing tips.

I said people like  you  share their  stories  and   I  modify and  write   those  tips   and lot of people  get benefit from those

like you did.

After couple days  he  asked if he share his story    will  it  become the  part of medical record  or

any one know   who I am.

I assured him that is not the case , no one   will know, I will use the name of Joe Smith.

It was  a very long story, very inspirational  with great  lessons.

I grew  up in small town with  big family.

We were very poor, my father was a farmer ,  worked long hours too busy to help others and

not paying attention to  his  own family.

My mother and father  both were very nice and hard working.

My  elder brother  start having sex with me when I was 9yr and always pays me, so I never though it was wrong.

His  two friend  start having sex with me and paid me  and it continues.

I never thought that some thing  is wrong.

When I turn 15  I start doing  that to my younger brother  and  other kids, never thought that any thing is wrong.

I was  bright I get into college  major in business, and started  my own business and have kids.

I continue  my permescuse  sexual behavior even after marriage and never thought  there is anything wrong.

Life was good. Due to my accountant  carelessness I end up in prison  and met other inmates,

and realized , I am  not very  different  from them.

I   am fortunate that  my father and mother provided me  stable home, and were great role model.

If I  would have born   in  different home , I will be  in their shoes and doing worse than them.

First time in life I  had time to reflect, I remembered  my father always try to teach   bible,

I could not really understood.

I start reading bible, It seemed  I am reading the first time.

I loved the verse Matthew   Worship in secret, God will reward  openly.

I truly practiced that  and I start remembering  sins  I has forgotten and I repented  and repented.

Some time this struggle with myself become so painful, I wish I be stoned to death for my sins.

Finally I  start felling  kind of peace     I never experienced before. I  achieved  peace with God.

That is the best thing  happened to me.

I am  repenting  all the time and I know  how I will spend  rest of my life.

My conclusion   DO NO WRONG.

Especialy  Sex   who  is meant for reproduction  only between husband and wife.

Any other  kind of  sex  is toxic to the soul, even lustful looking  on others , even  pictures

are equally toxic  to soul.


PS: Sin is a sin  weather I am aware  or  not, damage is real, repent as soon

I realize  it  and never ever do it again  and become the strong advocate

against the I  had committed.

Attendum: I can only compare  myself  to me only, what I was yesterday,

what I am today and what I want to be tomarrow.

Yesterday  I was  a devil, and I did not knew it,

Today  I am a devil   and know it, I rather stay in  cage (Jail) till

I can cage the devil with in so I can live my life.

This is a most  difficult task  I ever  had to  cage the devil with in.

Hopefully tomarrow  I will be a Saint.

NOTE: Each Saint has a past.

Every sinner has  a future.

Devil has a great past, but no future   unless  he repent and be forgiven.



Lesson 1 Spitual healing tip 53

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Trail of spiritual healing  continues

A Rabbi and  Priest got into argument.

Rabbi  claimed  only  Jews will go  heaven, and Priest insisted  only Christians  will go to heaven.

Priest  said ” I bet you  had  ate ham .

Rabbi  said Yes I had ate ham,  I bet you had done adultery.

Priest said   yes   not only   that beat the ham  but I  am forgiven  and you are not.

Rabbi said  I am the chosen one  and I am sure that  I am forgiven.

Priest disagreed  stating Rabbi will be  forgiven only  if he accept Jesus his savior..

They went to judge. Judge  said  eating ham is not against the law  and as long adultery is

not reported and  proved it is not against the law.

Priest  disagreed  and   they went to a Budist  monk  for  his opinion.

Monk  said   both Rabbi   and   Priest   should confess to their  congregation.

Both got mad  and filed a case  against the  Monk  that he has  been abusing  his wife and

he  end up in prison.

Rabbi and priest agreed that eating ham is not against the law and

as long  adultery is not reported it is not a crime.

They also agreed   as long they are law abiding citizens  both will go to heaven.

Priest  was not sure   if Rabbi   will like being in  heaven, because it will filled  with Christians,

Rabbi  was not sure if Priest will like being in heaven, because it will be filled with Jews.

They also agreed   spouse abuse  is  a crime   and should be  severly  punished.

Buddist monk  reflected  in prison  and  realized  he  is a sinner, and  sinner

can not pass  judgement  and  he appeal for  forgiveness, stating he will

never  abuse  his wife,  and apologized   to Rabbi  and Priest.

Rabbi  and  Priest  realized  they  were  wrong   and they confessed  in front of  their congregation.

Both congregations  admired  their  courage

Buddist  monk was free    so  were  the Rabbi  and Priest.

All agreed  that God only know  who will  go to heaven,

and everyone lived happily ever after.


Moral of the story: Among humans who are believers, Jews,  Christians,

Sabians ( any faith or no faith)  if any one  believe in God, day of judgement

and perform good deeds  will be rewarded and  will have no fear & no grieve.

Verse 62  Surah 2 (Quran)

PS: If I have fear or  has grief  I am not doing the good deeds or doing bad deeds.

Addendum: If I do good deeds  God will reside in my heart and God make it easy to

do more good deeds and stay away from bad deeds.

Moral 2 Worship  in  secretly  and God will reward you openly  Matthew 8 Bible

Do not be like those  who preech on pulpet  to show off,like hippocrits, they do have their reward.

PS: If I do not feel rewarded, I am not praying enough  or praying in secret or I may be a hippocrit,

I know what I have to do.

Addendum: If I pray in secret, that sure is a good deed, God will reside in my heart  and make it easy

to do more good deeds and keep me away from bad deeds.

DO GOOD DEEDS, REST IS DETAIL That is Pound  Wise, Penny Foolish.

Go in detail, do few good things  That is Penny Wise Pound Foolish