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  1. True  love  ❤️     is  to  love  💗 those  who need my life ove  😍 the most.

If I  love  👩‍🔧some one    that is not love that is  my need it is parasitism 🐝

Real true love ❤️ is self love  ❤️ first more I   Love myself more I will nurture myself  and more I will be  able  to  extent my love  to   more  and  more  who truly  need  my  love and  get  helped and help me learn and grow and I will more  bear  fruit 🍉 🍒🍅🍑for others.

I   do not have  to look  for my love, My love  will   find  me.


Pray  for     peace     prosperity  success happiness   and  love  for  all


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To diagnose a disease 🤑🤧😷finding root cause of sickness is important .

with my experience fear is one of major cause of many sickness.

Fear  consumes lot of energy lead to  laziness or dysfunction  or procrastination that bring more fear

Fear can be  many types. Fear of losing job, health , love ones , few of many but end result are very very toxic .

how to heel  a sickness or fear?

when I did research I discovered


a chlange to me  Can I heel myself?

I discovered that with the help of my patients I am on my way to recovery❤️

Fear is replaced with FAITH.🙏🏼

Fear cause  laziness and Faith 🙏🏼cause love ❤️   and energized  me, a universal antidote for  any fear and all sicknesses 💐🌻

Wish 💐and pray 🙏🏼for universal heeling


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universe🌏🌔🌻🌈🔥🌸 is  full of mysteries.

There is universe within me  full of mysteries waiting for me to discover.

Since I develop the taste of mystery, I start feeling the taste of life, and its taste is becoming becoming more and more delicious and I am sure my last breath will be best.

There are two sides of me , being a Doctor 👨‍⚕️ try to treat human bodies and mind which are full of mysteries.

Other side a Spirtual side. Which remind me that I am also Spirtual being😇 , the day my soul leave my body, my body and mind  will be dust again. I want to know more and more before it depart me or may be my soul is real me  and  my body is a vessel 🚢 meant to carry to my destination.

Am I mortal as well eternal ?

will I continue my journey without my mortal body ? I do not know but worth finding out

All those mysteries  give me a purpose to live, more aware I become more happier and peaceful I am becoming  and discovering my purpose of life🌸

everyone and everything is a treasure waiting for me to learn and grow.

i am thankful for everyone and everything  to help me live a full and purposeful life💐

Pray for 🙏🏼 peace prosperity and success  for everyone🙏🏼🌻💐




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Each human 👶🏻is born with pure primary personality 😇.

During life time I noticed that I have developed secondary personality which is mixture of good 🧘‍♂️and  bad🧛🏻‍♀️.

All sins I committed now I reflect and realize I was under the influence of my bad secondary 🧛🏻‍♀️  personality.

Now  more I repent  ask for forgiveness, pray for myself and everyone , I feel cleaner and feel like I am  becoming primary personality 😇 dominant and my life is becoming more and more heavenly🧚🏽‍♀️ and feel love ❤️ and only love ❤️.

Wish  and pray for peace prosperity and success 🎖 for everyone (Ameen)🙏🏼



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M.  A.  L. E.👨

Male get

A addicted to material  🚗✈️🏠💵💰drugs 💉💊or flesh🤽‍♂️🧘‍♂️⛹🏻‍♀️🙍🏻‍♂️🙎‍♀️

L.   Become lust ful and toxic🧟‍♂️

E.  Evil male 🧛🏻‍♀️😈

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Humans 👨🧓🏻👨👧🏿👴🏼👮🏿‍♀️💂🏻‍♂️👷🏾‍♂️👩‍🎓👨🏿‍🌾are all same.


Fem  ALE

ALE is common.

any male or female  reflect on

A. It means attention accurately to know my good and bad ,  become self aware, and become aware of

L . LORD submit to will of LORD and let  LORD lead the way and I will be rewarded

E: Eternal heavenly life perfect  👌 peaceful mortal life .

Happy 😃 for ever


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Each human has a Devine Spark ⚡️SOUL 😇

Awareness of soul 😇can transform into 🙏🏼 Spirtual being 😇

Spirtual being 😇 know’s and serve the purpose and live heavenly peaceful 🙏🏼 Mortal followed by eternal life 🙏🏼💐


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Best    True  Story

This  story  is  shared  by  one of my patient

I  went  on vacation   with  my  boyfriend.

We went  to a  really fancy restaurant   for  dinner and  we  got into argument,

I went  out  and  was  upset  and  smoking, a lady came  to me  and  said Would  you like  to listen to my  story?

Who are  you and  why  you  are bothering  me?

You  reminded  of  me  when  I  was  younger  and I  thought   story might help  you. But I am  sorry I bothered  you.  She  said.

I felt  guilty  and  said  Please  share  your  story.

She  said  I  was  raised  by my   drug addict   mother.

To get  money  for her  habit  she  used  to rent me  to  men   since I  was  4yrs old.

She  brain  washed  me   telling  me  that  I  am  a  wonderful  girl who loves  her mom  and  do anything for  her mom.

She used  to  tell me  the tricks   to please men  and  ask  for more money from  them.

She  used   to practice   with me on  plastic  penis and male  sexy  dolls.

This  process  continued.  I   made  good  money  and lived  in nice neighborhood and I went to good  school.

I  did  very  well  in  school   and   went to college.

I had  lot of  clients so I  was  doing  very well  financially.

Age of  25 I got  pregnant, and  I was not sure  how  I  got pregnant   who  the  father  was.

I felt  good  that  I will have  a  baby and  start making  plan  for my kid.

To  my  horror I  realized   that I do not  want  my kind  of life  for  my  children.

That  was  that  magical moment that I decided to be a person I want my kid  to be.

I went  to law  school  and  become a  successful attorney.

I met my  husband  while  I  was  in  law school.

Do  you have kids ?  I  said  Yes    Why not  live the life you  want them to live and you will  become their  role model

I hope  my  story  is  helpful       and  left.  I   was  so  confused   I  forgot  to ask  for her  address  and  telephone number.

Only thing  I know  that she  is  from Tennessee  , her name  is Joyce  and  she is an attorney.

My patient said  I  shared  this  story  with  you   that  you  like  success  stories.

I  thanked  her telling  her that my patients  are  my  heroes  and  she  is  one of  the  best  heroes  .




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If only thing in the heart 💜 is love 💗.

Only thing in that heart ♥️ Will be GOD🙏🏼

and life will turn miraculous ⚡️