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I  am  a  convict   and  I am a  lifer.

When  I  was  arrested I knew that  I  was  innocent.

I knew  I  had not done anything wrong   It  was  rescue  from  my past to  start a new life.

Prison was  the  only place  I   was  able  to  reflect.

I  keep  reflecting     and  keep  reading   every book  I get my hands on.

I  discovered that my past  was  boot  camp and  it  is  over.

Present  is  to  test myself if I have  learned  enough to start a new life.

In my past I  did  good things and  bad things.

I always  had a valid reason  to  do  so.

In prison  I  discovered myself.

I  was my  worst  enemy and  I  was  unaware,  live  was a living hell  but I  did  not knew any better

I  become  my  best friend and life is a honeymoon

I am aware

Everyone  is  serving   their  purpose.

I  must   love myself  and  others   and learn

from myself  and  others.

Now I  have  true peace with myself and  love  everyone.

My past  there was darkness in me ,  and  present   I  see  the  the light  with in.

This  prison  is  my  paradise.


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A poor man asked Moses, I never had a decent meal all my life.

Ask GOD to give my the food once instead of giving daily.

GOD gave him all the food the same day.

That man invited every poor man in the city for a great feast
and himself eat as much as his heart desired.

Next day he started digging his grave knowing sooner or later he will die
and he does want to a burden on others for his burial.

To his surprise he discovered a treasure and live happily there after feeding poor
every day.

Moral of the story More charity more come back multiple time. Charity is the best buisness


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Sufferings makes human reflect.
Suffering cause self reflection.
Self aware humans find GOD.
GOD grant them FAITH.
GOD turns their fears into PURE FAITH.
They welcome sufferings like gifts.
The more they suffer , stronger trheir FAITH become.
Those people live heavenly life.
There is no such thing as unnecessary sufferings.
If I disagree with this statement I must have a defective FAITH.
Without FAITH life is suffering.