Lesson #1 Healing tip for the soul #86

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Trail  of  spiritual  healing 101  continues

This  is  a letter  I received   from  my  co  worker, and  I am honored  to  share with


How   the pain changes  you  is your choice!

You can come out bitter or you can come out better.

You can come  out with a chip  on your shoulder, and blame GOD.

Or you can  come out stronger  with  a greater confidence in GOD!

The pain is not there  to stop you;  it is there to  prepare  you  for  a

greater work, GOD   want you to do  in your  life.

Do not  put  a  question mark ?   where  GOD  put  a full  stop .


PS    Pain,  difficulties,  difficult people   are   red  light   from GOD  to remind  me

to  that I   can serve  a better  purpose, and  when  I learn that, pain will turn into joy.


Lesson Healing tip for the soul #85

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Trail  of  healing  of the soul  continues

I always  end  up  learning   so much  from my patients.

One  of  my   patient  asked  me ” Doctor   do you worship GOD or  worship religion?

why  you need  a religion?  religions are many, and  every one  is trying  to sell

their brand, and  end  up  creating   more trouble  than solving  problem?

I said ” Religions are  just tools   not GOD,  and  every  can use  any tool  to discover GOD,

any one  can pick up the tool  of their choice  and  make custom made their tool.”

If  I  am a have peace with myself  and  always a peacemaker, tells me  that I have pick  up good tools.

if I do not peace with myself , with   GOD ,  and  with  GOD’s  creation, I am not worshiping  GOD.

If  I  worship  GOD  I will  be  a  spiritual being.

If  I  worship  religion,  I will be  a religious  person,

If  I   worship  myself  I will  be  human being.

Everyone has  that choice.


PS:   Spirtual  being  see the  world  with  heart  and  keep discovery personal

faults, keep discovering  others strengths  and  keep learning from everyone and

judge no one  except him or herself ,



Attendum:    religious beings feel  sorry for others  as  less fortunate  and  very generous and

pray for others to  practice their faith and live    comfortable  unhappy life.

NOTE:  Human  being’s life    is a  rat  race   some win   some lose  and life goes on.



Lesson #1 Healing tip for the soul 84

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Trail  of  healing  for the  soul    101  continue

I  learned  true  forgiveness from my patient.

I saw  this  young lady  first time   25 years  ago   in psyche ward.

She shared her story  with  me, and it was mind boggling.

She grew  up  on a farm, father farmer  with big family.

She  has   brother who was  4 years older  than her

Mom and  Dad were never home and her   old brother start molesting

her when she was 3rd grade.

He  will do oral sex  on her and make her do oral sex  and always  pay her as

a  reward for doing  a good job.

He convinced me  that nothing is wrong with it because Adam and Eve   kids  did

to each other.

I never have any sense of guilt, this went on till  age 20 when he moved out.

I become permicous  and have sex  for money.

I boy   wanted  to have sex  with me , but I refused,   he said  here is money

you  are  a prostitute  any way.

It was a shocker  and she tried  to commit suside and end up in psyche units  where

I  met her fist time to do History  and Physical.

I tried to explain   that she can not punish herself  for the  wrong doing of others.

To me she was innocent.

Couple years later  she saw  me in  my office  for several  times.

I encourged   her to go to college  and  she  did.

Last year I got a call  from her  and told  her her success  story.

She has master degree   and doing very well.

She  is married  have  3  kids  who are  doing  very well.

Her bother  was in car accident   and  neck down paralyzed and she

is the care giver.

I asked  how she was  able to  do what she  did.

She replied ”  I  realy owe  my success  to my  brother,  He  put me through  hell,

I had  a choice   to stay in hell or  use  the  raw material   I received  and built my own heaven.

Anger  and resentment    were  like  I  was  drinking  the poison   to cure myself   for   the

ailment  that was not mine.

I tried  to kill myself  and  was unsuccessful,  so I  did  not have  a choice  except   to move on.

Now  I look  at my brother   lying helpless and  tears  rolling  in his eyes.

He is  in hell  and   he  is  reflecting   repenting   and  trying to discover his heaven.

He was  in hell  he stoned me, I am in heaven  I can only  give   him  flowers,

because that is all I have to give.

He  shared  his  story  how  he was  molested  and  raped and that break

my heart I though  my story  was  bad, not  even  close  what he went through.

He admitted  instead  of being a shephard, I was  a wolf. but I never saw  any thing

wrong, but now  I see


PS: If I  do not know  hell, I do not know heaven. I discover paradise

when I start  going  to prison.

ATTENDUM: If Chief  of  angels  can become a devil,  a devil can  also become  chief of angle.

it is not what you are  it  is what you want.

It is never  too  late  to break  the cycle.