Great Human Story 5/15/21

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This  Inmate is in  prison   since 1984   when  he  was   25 and  still he is  in prison.

first  encounter  I has  was  1998  when I saw  him  on Doctor’s line. He  seem  so peaceful ,

I become  curious  and  start   asking  questions.  Gave him PHQ  form GAD&  form  and

sentence completion  form.  I was  shocked  what a great quality of life he had.  Off  and on  I

will  just  stop  by  his  cell    to say  hello. I discovered  he  had  raped  many kids,  boys and girls.

and he is a lifer.  How  he  be this peaceful. Is he in denial  or delusion?


This  Inmate   accept the responsibility. He replied  I  had  done  lot more  crimes   than  any one know.  I  had lot  of  remorse  I tried to kill myself many times.

Life  was  a living hell , I keep   reading  searching than  I  realized this  is  GOD’s plan.  I went through  boot

camp  did bad  things ,  and  now  GOD  want me to reflect  and  serve my purpose  pray  for  everyone  and

no one  go through what I  go through. I am  in state of  worship 24/7.  I  went through hell and  now  I  am in heaven.

Each  human is  a victim , ex  victim  . current victim, some are aware, some  are unaware, I choose to break the cycle.

I  am ex victim, before that I was  victim, then I  pray on my victims, Now  I am advocate the crimes  done to me, I did to others.

I wish I  can relive my life, but  I  would never discover my purpose.   I LOVE EVERYONE, I AM  SELFAWARE and I WANT EVERYONE TO BECOME SELF AWARE


PS:  Way  to  heaven  go through  hell