AUGUST 29 2016

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Life  is a matter    of  choice

Doctor saves  lives

Lawyers  defend lives.

Soldiers protect lives.

Killers  take  lives

Criminals   hurt  lives.

&   so  on   and  on

I     am  struggling  to  save ,defend  and  protect my life, so I can live full   life  and  may   help those   doctors,

lawyers  soldiers   helping  others  and to help them to live healthier  lives .

Also   treat   sick  people   so they can heel themselves.

August 19 2016

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GOD     is  LOVE

Any  human being  practice  LOVE , the  effect   of   LOVE  is  LOVE  spell back wards   EVOL.

EVOL    to  spiritual being  and  GOD  grant  GRACE  to  the  spiritual being.

Spiritual  being   become   aware   of  GOD   side  of the  story, and  become  agents  of  GOD

That  spiritual  being  will  extent  LOVE  to    GOD’s  creation and   take  the  difficult   path,

struggle , give what the  can possibly give ,do  labor of  love  and  grow ,  keep  evolving   and

help  others  to be    spiritual being.




August 14 2016

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August      14   2016





August 12 2016

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Opposite of  love   is  not   hate.

Opposite  of  love  is   laziness.

Love  is  labor.

Laziness   and    procrastination  is  the root  cause  of all  sickness.

Love  you  win lazy  you  lose

August 11 2016

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Lord’s  Rules

Eye  for an  eye  so rest  of  the world  can see.

Ear for a ear  so rest iof the world  can hear.

Life  for a  life  so rest  of  humans  live  in peace.

Adulterers  be  stones  to  death  in public   so rest of  the  human  live in pure world

These  are the rule  of merciful Lord.

Implementation  of these  rules must  be done  by God like righteous  people   who  are merciful.

Till  done    we  will  live   by  human made laws.

It is  time for  humans   to have  spiritual evolution, be a  spiritual being  and  live heavenly life.

So   we live  spiritual lives and GOD’s  rules  be there  but no one  will lose eye ear, life or  stones to death.

Some people   call  them  heaven.

August 9 2016

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The  more  self  aware    i  become  more  I  reflect.

When I  reflect   I  realized  that    all  my  life  I tried    did  nice things  to others  when ever and  what ever  I  could  do.

Of  cource  I  did  meal  things  to   others expecialy  to those  were   nice to me.

I never  realized  that  DEVIL  was playing  tricks  on  on  and  I  was  acting  on my feelings and    my  understanding .


Aughust 8 2016

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Devil     D stand  for  dead  .

Devil  is  nothing   but  dead Evil.

Evil  is  nothing   but  Live    spell  backward.

Devil  need   human  flesh  to  do    his  dirty  work.

Devil  know  humans  for millions  of   years.

Human s  has  the  flesh  and  powelful feelings.

Humans   has  the capability  to accomplish  any thing.

That  make  humans  the  supreme  creation.

Healthy  humans  has  healthy feelings    is  live  heavenly life.

Devil  play  with humans  feeling  and  the major  tools   he uses  are  sex  drugs,money power  few  of many.

Devil  wants   the human feeling   become  the master    and  do  sins and  become captive of  devil.

Devil  trick us  to do nice things   and  mean  things both of them  are very toxic.

Unless   nice things  done  in  secret  and  completely  forgotten,  and   nice thing  done  to me  remembered  for ever.

remembering  mean  things   other  did  to me  ,    means things I  did  to  other and  become  the advocate  against  it.

Thankful  to  the people  who did  mea things to me  and  help me  to be who I am

Healthy  humans always  do the  right things  and  stay living  heavenly life.

Doing  nice things   not only cost a lot,   usualy  stop  the growth of  others  and paid   with  grief.

Life  become  a living hell.

Moral    Always   do the  right  things  and  live  heavenly  life.

August 4th 2016

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Humans   discuss    limited  human  resources  and  limited natural recourses.

With  self awareness  I  can  discover  my  unlimited   potential  and    resources.

With  self  awareness    I  can  also  turn into  spiritual being. and  become  aware

unlimited   natural  as well spiritual  resources  and  spiritual energy.

spiritual  energy  is  not  only  unlimited , it  also  can not  be destroyed.

Like  any other energy  change    forms  but  does  not  decrease  in quantity.