Aug 1st 2016

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Human  being   are  human beings  as  well  spiritual  beings.

With  self  awareness  I  know   I  have  unlimited  potential  and  access  to

unlimited    energy  specially  the   spiritual   one  knowing  energy  do  change

but  always  stay  as  energy.   can not  be  destroyed

July 31 2016

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Jesus  once  said   Physician thy  heal  themselves.

My  understanding   is   every  human  being  is  a  physician and  only  heal herself  or  herself.

I can  learn  from  everyone and  become  a better Physician to heel myself better.

The  more  sicker  people  I  came  across ,  I  do  become  better  Physician.

God  has  granted  every  human being  the  power  to heel  self and learn form everyone.

If you want to see  the Physician can heel  you   Look into the mirror.


July 22 2016

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Jesus  said ”  Love  the Lord  your God   with  all  your  heart, soul  and  mind.

This  is the  first and  most important commandment  Matthew 22.34

Anyone  who live  by this commandment Lord will guard that heart  soul and mind,

and that person will  live  heavenly life.


Otherwise  this  life will become   a  living  hell.


If any one    does  not have  a heavenly   life ,   repent and    follow  the  first most important

commandment,   this  world  will  turn into heaven  for that person

JULY 12 2016

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On July  12   2016  I  was  in Denvar  impressed  by  the  beuty    MY  REFLECTION

Beaty  lies  in the   eye of  the  beholder,  Does  this  mean  open  eyes, closed  eyes,

or  eyes  of the heart.

If  I  see  a  beautiful   paiting, I  will  admire  the  beauty  of the  paiting., but  i  may

not  understand   the message painter  is  trying  to  convay  to me.

I  was   seeing  the  beuty  of  National park,  and  admiring  it,  I tried  to   understand

the message  of   Creator  wanted  to convay  to me.

I  closed  my  eyes  and  opened  the eye  of  my  heart,

I  felt  the overwhleminh    mercy,     and   felt  GOD  telling  me  See  I  made  this  heaven  for

you  to  enjoy.

But  do not  break my commandments   otherwise  this  will  turn into  livving hell.


If any one   do not  have  the  heavenly  feeling,  just  repent  and  start obeing  my commandmenmt

and   you will  be  back  in heaven.            THE HEAVENLY ENDING


July 4th 2016

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Declation of  Flesh  is  made  of  dirt,   it  is  only  a  vessel, like  a  hose.

Soul    is  the  cargo  as  well  the  rider.

Soul  driven  people  keep  the  vessel   pure  and  clean, have  smooth  ride, live

heavenly  life  and  reach  their  destination.

Flesh  driven  people, live  a  dirty  life  and  end  up  in  dirt.

Day  To  declare    indepence    from  flesh    and live  happy health  and  pure  heavenly  life.