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We live in a  perfect  world.

Are we aware  of this  Fact?

GOD is perfect and  made a perfect  world.

Any   Questions  ?


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A edited letter of  my  patient

Life  as  I  see  it

My  ten Commandments

1)Now I see and feel things totally different from other people. That is OK

2) I am not of this world, but I can relate to everyone, love learn thankful to all and keep

3)Now I  live in my own  world ,  keep my mind heart body and  soul  pure and  clean, my world is my
paradise. I stay in my safe heaven 24/7 and goes where ever I go.

4)My thoughts and feeling  are different and are purely my own.

5)My  thought  fly  high ,and  my feeling  run  deep.

6)  People use  to make  me feel that I   was mentally disturbed , I  reflected and  realized  that  I am not

mentally disturbed, I  just   receive and process  things   differently.

7) My thought  and feeling  are not like any one  else  I know.

8)I am ME

9) I am FREE

10)I   must  love  myself  100%    then I will able to love everyone   99%


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Lucifer  has  the  best past.

Devil  has  the  worst past.

If  devil  repent   GOD   will  turn his sins to  good  deeds.

Devil  will    turn  into new  and   improved  Lucifer.


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Be happy for happy people ,
Feel the pain of people in pain,
Feel the unbearable pain of people who do not feel pain but give everyone pain.
Pray for all three kind and earn by unlimited blessing 🙂


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This world is a prison.
If I am 100 % honest and truthful to myself , this prison will turn
into paradise.
Otherwise it will turn into torture camp.