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Human  being  are  granted  free  will .

Some  has  week  will   some  has   strong  will.

Hitler, had  a  strong  will  of  his own.

He saw  light in  him  and  darkness in  others and  become a  leader.

Mother  Teresa  gave  her  will     GOD.

GOD’s  will  was  her  will.

GOD   showed   her light  in  others  and  her own darkness and  live

righteous life.

We all  have a  choice.


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Self Love    is   lovely  Victory  Every time.

Self Hate    is  Hungry beast in  me  and ATE  me alive  and  I become my  own captive

and   live   become  living hell.

Choice is  mine

** Have  Self love and  live  heavenly life

***  or has self hate  and   life will be a  living hell