Beauty &Beast 11/12/22

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Long time ago there was a Princes ūüęÖ. She was so beautiful ūüėĽ, everyone call her Beauty.¬†¬† Not only she was beautiful, she was most righteous and was spiritual being ūüėá. In that kingdom there was a man he so evil ūüĎŅ that everyone call him Beast. Lot of people came to princes to marry the princesses. She used to look into the eyes of the man and will say you are not my soulmate. One night Beast went to place climbed the wall and entered Princess bedroom, with the intention to rape her. Princess looked ¬†straight into his eyes, Beast was shocked, how fearless she is, and to his surprise ¬†Princess asked him to take off his mask and he did. Princess said you are my soul mate, will you marry me. Beast froze. Guards cam in and arrested the Beast in put him in prison. In the morning Princess¬† went to see¬†¬† Beast and told¬† him¬†¬† Only Man I¬† will ever Mary will be you. Beast said¬† I am the most¬† sinful¬† criminal man¬† on earth. I do not deserve to marry you.¬† Princess said I will wait till you change¬† your mind. Will you permit me¬† to visit you everyday. Beast agreed to this arrangement. King was furious but Princes¬† said he is my¬†¬†soulmate long before we were born.¬† Every day¬† Beast tell her about the crimes¬† he had¬† committed.¬† Prince¬† ¬†explained you was spiritual being like¬† me¬† , when you got into human body was taken over¬† by the Devil. You search your¬† soul¬† and¬† we¬† will rescue your soul which is actually mine too. WE will be our soul mate for¬† ever. They prayed together repenting . Prison System allowed¬† him to train dogs for the blinds and let him help Hospice¬† and dying patients. He become the most¬† compassionate Inmate¬† al all other¬† Inmate¬†¬† becoming like¬† him.¬† People start¬† calling¬†¬† the prison¬†¬† the paradise. While¬† Princes¬† was doing the same for female Inmates and¬† they¬† become Spiritual being.¬† ¬†When King heard that¬† he¬† released¬† the¬† beast and¬† Princes¬† got¬† married¬† with¬† her Prince Charming.¬†¬† After Kings Death they become¬† King and¬† Queen¬†¬† and¬† people¬† called that a heavenly KINGDOM.

PS:  When I  see in me  I  see  a beast  and  angel.  What I want to be is  my choice.