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When  I  reflect  I  realized that   when ever I  fall in love with something and  someone,

and later  change my mind.

I  discovered  I was wrong the  second time too.

If I truly love myself  I will love everyone and everything, and  never  change my mind.

Without   true self love, my love  and  hate   for others  are  very self destructive. 🙂


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Trust in  the LORD  with all  your  heart, and  do not lean on your own  understanding

In all  things acknowledge  HIM and HE  shall direct your way.

(Proverb  3:5,6)


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Keep   praying   and  stay  in state  of  worship    24/7.

till   I   turn  into  spiritual  being.

I   will   love  everyone  especially  the Devil   because  he  need  love  the most,

learn from everyone  especially    from devil ,  I  been  his  captive for long time,

and  pray  for everyone , especially  for  devil,  he  need  the  most prayers

and  live heavenly life  before  living  heavenly eternal life.   🙂

PS     Prayer  is  passport  to  heaven. direct  communication    with  GOD.