Lesson#1 Spirtual Healing Tip #41

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Trail of  spirtual healing   101 continues

If I see good in others, I should pray   God to increase  their goodness,

and try to acquire that goodness.

If I see   evil in others, I must pray God to remove that evil, and

watch  for the evil within, when found  either get rid of  it of tame it

and place in a cage.

The day I  will discover the evil  with in , tame it and cage it, that is only

possible with the help of God,  I will live heavenly life.

If I am unable to discover evil within, my life  sooner or later  will turn into living hell.


PS: Learn from   and pray for  everyone,  and serve the needy.

I will earn  the heavenly life.

Addendum: When I do good, see good, feel  good  regardless what others  do, I am ok.

When I do anything,  and  see bad and  feel bad,regardless I blame myself or others,

the evil within is not tamed.

Note: If my evil  is 100% tamed, it is  like  the  wild beast  turn into watch dog No one can hurt me or

stop me to serve  my purpose   what God has created me to do.

Moral:  Tame the evil within and live peaceful happy and purposeful life.


Lesson #1 Spirtual Healing Tip #40

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Trail Of Spirtual Healing 101 continues

*Time is  money. Not true.  Time is priceless the most precious limited  asset

and   I do not even know how much time I got.

When my time will be up  I can not buy  a moment  with all the money on earth.

*Caputure the present moment and use the way it should be and it will turn into

building block for my grand future  and continue  the same  till the end of this life

and I will  enter into life after life the eternal life and will see the  building I had build .

*All the wasted moments of my life  are turned  into toxic waste, and early I recognize that

the better.

All the toxic waste  needed to detoxicated and recycled.

Otherwise the toxity of my past will never allow  me to capture the present moment perfectly.


PS: Submit  to GOD and  repent  for all my sins, start working on detoxification and recycling of

my toxic waste , and able to love and serve God’s creation,  and live peacful and blessed life.

Addendum: Captured moments turn in happy hours, happy hours turn into happy days, happy

days turn into happy live and turn into ever lasting heavenly life.

NOTE:Wasted moments  turn into wasted life and turn into toxic waste,   to toxic  to be  burried

or throw into oceon,  bccause it will make the whole earth or  oceon toxic, only  safe way  is to  put into furnace.


Lesson #1 Spirtual Healing tip 39

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Trail of  spirtual healing  101 continues

If I think  why I do not live the life I want to live.

What is my disease, or  block, that  is stopping me to live  the kind of life I want to live???

I have to  go back the  root cause.

If I believe that God has created me, other people may have other ideas,

But I  have more reason to believe that God has created me and  I  have to

serve a purpose. My question is what is my purpose?

May be searching for my purpose is my purpose.

I discovered  what I was looking for, it is simple, I am here not  to judge  but learn , serve and love.

I learned that I must love my enemy so I will have no enemy.

I discoverd I am my worst enemy so I start loving myself and I realized I have no enemy.

I discovered  that  I must  love  those    whom  I was suppose to hate the most.

My best teachers  are   those  I never met, but I know  they  are my worst  enemies  devil  and  my narcacism.

Devil is very talented  but  his   untamed narcacism   made him a  loser.

I do not to be loser  like him. I leaned  the following lessons.

*I  must never     have a untamed narcacism.

*I must never judge and never  look down to  no one  but judge myself.

*Devil is determined  and working very hard, his mission statement is devide and rule.

*My  mission statement  is love learn and serve, and I must work as hard  if not more than him.

I can not see him  but I hope  he may read my tip and realize and repent and become a winner.

So I can return his favor    and  learn from each other. We are  all teachers and student  at the same time.

My  conclusion is  that everyone  including devil is ok I am not ok and that is ok.

Now I have home work to do , and be ready to be judged by GOD  the only judge who know all the facts.

My understanding is God  created everything stated with craeting   the universe,

then angel(agnel do not have narcacism) so they never had any problem following God’s comands.

Devil was created   with narcacism, and  he knew God, so he exceled  in obeying God more than angels.

Narcacism  with strong will is a powerful force and devil succeded  to become the chief of angels.

God  created  human, Adam   instilled  some narcasim  and  gave him the will.

God tested the devil and asked everyone  to bow down to Adam, Angels obeyed but due to

strong will and narsacism  devil felt it was unjust order from God and refused to obey  and

chalanged God  that  he will prove  he is much superior than Adam.

That is the beginging  of Human saga.

Human come  in all form  and shape  some with strong will, some with week will, some with strong

narcacism, some with  poor narcacism.

If I have believe in God, submit to the will  of God, and tame my narcacism  to obey God.

Then Devil can not trick me  and I will represent God, what devil wanted to begin with.

Knowning God’s will  I know I am not here by chance, God choose  me to be here,

and made me the person I am.

God  does not compare  me  with no one, I am one of the kind, and  have every thing I need.

God has allowed  me to be here at this time in history to fulfil  my purpose.

If I  obey God I   will know  that everything and everyone is serving their purpose.

I love every one  for the sake of God  and   disagrrement  for sake  of  God.

I will a dummy  connected with God and serve my purpose.

How I know I am  doing my job well? God will grant me complete peace and love for

creation and I will serve  creation  without jodging  only to please God.


PS  With  healthy  and pure  faith I will like  Adam, Ibraham, Moses, Jesus, Mohammad  and all the

rightous people, with out faith  or defective  faith  I will be like   devil and his followers   or

in between.  Life is  this simple.

Attendum:  Jews, Christians  and Muslims all waiting for  Jesus to come.

Why not be like Jesus  as  we wait.

Note  Tamed Narcscism + submited  will to God =  Chief of Angels

Untamed Narcacism +  strong will+ disobey God=  DEVIL



Lesson #1 Spirtual Healing Tip 38

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Trail of Spirtual Healing    101 continues

Some one said  If I am not with the one  I love,  love the one I am with.

I do not think  any human has the ability to do so.

Lets analyse this. If I am not  with the one I love, that is  a message from my Maker

that I am following manufacturer instructions properly.

I am a gift   from my Creator to me , and if I  do the love the gift  and   thankful to the

Creator, I will love myself the most, and  love & serve the creation.

Then I will be  with  the one I love  24/7 and everyone  will love me.


PS: Self love+ strong will+ tamed narsacis to the creator= Mother Teresa, Florence Nightangale

Self love  +Strong will + untamed  narcacism = Hilter, Saddam Hussain.

Choice is mine.

Lesson #1 Spirtual Healing tip #37

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Trail of spirtual Healing 101 continues

*Speacial  thanks  to a very  special  correctional  officer  to teach me the  needed lesson.

*Tuesday I go to a local  prison to conduct  religous services. I am supposed to be there  at 5.30

to distribute  sheets  to  different bloc  and  start   services  at 6PM.

*I am a procastinator  so I reach there    at 6 pm  and  saw this wonderful C.O. and I gave him my

healing tip  #37   I know he like that kind of material.

*At 6.30  when I reached to chapel, The same C.O terminated the services because Inmates  can not be alone

in a chapel.  I saw  God’s  image  in  Uniform  telling me  prostination is a sin and I have commited  a major  sin

That was the answer from God for healing  tip #37   who gave me the ability to see God’s image  in human.

On that day  I was  weapon of mass destruction , causing trouble in prison depriving  about 35 inmate from the

services instead of  tool of  construction.

I owe apology to the C.O  and  inmates for my   major sin  and thankful that I learned my lesson.


PS Proscastination is a sin   and the person  procastinate is one of  trait  of a  hippocrit and the root cause of  procastination is

narcacism a very complex system in humans  and if properly tamed  and hornest, can  turn human  into

weapon of mass destruction. Human cannot tame  and hornest to his or her will, it have  to tamed and hornest to power

higher than human .

If properly disciplined tamed  and hornest that person can confront any evil force and become  tool of mass  building  and

reconstruction.    Submiting my will to God’s will is like connected  to God and I will like a dummy used by God and able to

do whatever God wants me to do.

Untamed  Narcacism  with out God=  Hilter

Tamed Narcacism +God=  Mother Teresa.

Addendum: To tame  narcacism  I need  to go to prison to learn one of my lessons.

Lesson #1 Spirtual Healing tip #36

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Trail of spirtual healing 101 continues

Special  thanks  to  Jasmine Sample  whose heart  is  crystal clear and I saw God’s

image and inspired me to write this  healing tip.

*I was  made in God’s image.

*If I do not see God’s image in mirror,  I must be able to see

the thick covering of my sins covering that image.

*If  I do not see that , I am nothing but dirt.


PS:If I do not see God’s image in other  my eyes are covered by my sins.

Addendum:If I make list of all the sins I comitted against myself, against creation and

agaist God, and repent, God will  forgive me instanly, but I have to  work on the damages

I caused to my  mind  body and soul, to turn healthy so I can serve  the creation  unconditionaly

Till I am be able to see God’s  reflection  in mirror and in others.

NOTE: God’s image  is more visible  in sick, poor, hungry and in prisners,

may be  they are  broken and God loves to reside in broken hearts.