Lesson # Spirtual Healing tip 32

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Trail Of Spirtual Healing 101 continues

*Once upon a time long long ago ther was  a very powerful man with  anger issues.

Any one made him anger he used tio kill him or her.

After killing 99 peoples he felt guilty and start  repentance for his sins.

He went to local religous leader and asked him if God will forgive him.

No way  the religous leader replied. That made him angry and  he killed him.

*He felt guilty and start repenting again for his sins.

*Some one suggestwed that he can go to Moses  and ask him to ask God about being forgiven.

He made a long journey   and met moses and requested him to ask God if he is forgiven.

Moses agreed  and  asked God about that man. Not only his sins are  forgiven, his bad deeds are turned

into good deeds. What about those 100 [people  he killed, Moses  asked.

All  100 people’ s sins are  turned into  good deeds and rewarded  so much for their pains that they

wish that he would have inflicted more pain so they could have more rewards.


PS:Acklodging all sins and wrong doings and true repentance  will turn all  into good deeds

like born again with lot of good deed to start new sinfree  life and live happily hereafter.

Addendum:God hates sins but love the sinner and want the sinner to acknowledge all sins and

do true repence, and God turns all sins into good deeds


Lesson #1 Healing tip 31

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Trail of spirtual healing 101  continues

Some says God  made human in  God’s image.

Some Says Human are made of dirt and God blow part of  God’s soul in human.

Either the case, it seems  to me  that human body is just a vessel and God’s image or

Gods’ soul is the passenger.

This vessel is a gift of God  to humans.

If the vessel is well maintained, all entry or exit ports are guarded, especialy the mouth,

which is entry and exit port at the same time, vessel will live a healthy full life  and reach its


If unhealthy food  like pizze, cake etc  enter in this port, vessel will  sink  before its time before

living a full life.

Mouth can be  weapon of mass   destruction, loose lips  sink ships with unthinkable damage.

Vessels   not well kept or keep bumbing,  end up having unwanted  pregnancies and std’s few of many

complications, and sink before its time.

In these  broken vessels, God become visible,  found   in prisons, hospitals, shelters, few of many places.

Well maintained vessels can help the broken  vessels  and   learn a lot, earn rewards and blessing, and their

journey  with  become lot better and joyful till they  meet GOD.


PS If I read lips and  listen to body language and let people read my lips,

not I will learn from everyone and live a peaceful and happy life.

Addendum: When I look in mirror  or see  a human and do not see God ,  I have  a sick broken

soul  with bad vision.

NOTE:  it is never too late to repair the broken vessel or sick broken soul with poor vision,

with true repentance  the new vessel  will be lot better than the orignal vessel with healthy soul.