Lesson#1 Spirtual healing tip 52

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Trail of Spirtual  healing  101 continues

God is the master planner, and everything and everyone is  following God’s plan.

God is perfect and His plan is pecfect.

One question  What is God’s plan for me.

When I reflect on my past, present, I realize I always had  a beast  and angel within me.

I committed  crimes and sins under the influence of  beast, and did good deed  under the

influence of  angel with in.

Angel food  is praying, helping   and loving everyone and  everything.

Talk less  eat less, sleep less  pray  a lot excercise a lot  will help self purification.

Excess eating,  sleeping  premarital sex extramarital sex, homo sexuality is food for  the beast within.

God  gave me a choice,  choose  A  be a angel I win

Choose B be a beast   I loose.

If I choose   A  I have  to clean the mess I made, I must confess all sins and crimes, and

serve my term  reflect, remorse, repent  and keep reaping this cycle   along with serving creation

till I am  able to cage the  beast.


PS My past is a gold mine, gold  with lot of impurities,  have to go through the refinary to remove  dirt,

stones and impurities tu turn into pure gold.

The process include going through the furnace to get rid of the junk.

Self purification and transformation need  to go through  the same process,

to turn from human being  to spirtual being.



Lesson #1 Spirtual Healing Tip 51

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Trail of Spirtual healing 101  continues

As I learned more only to realize how much more I have to learn.

More I learned more not only  more  unanswered quetions I had, also the previous answers

  were wrong answers and conclusions.

To my surprise  I was happy that the answers  I though were the correct one turned out to be

the wrong one, were  great  learning  experiences.

One day I was reflecting I realized  that  the reason I am getting the wrong  answeres  because I was

useing wrong Pass words.

 Accidenlt I used  Password God1  and all my questions  were answered.

Every thing I did good  to myself and others, good or bad things  others did to me,

some I liked  some I disliked,  some I hated  some I loved, I always was wrong.

Now I realized  every thing  did happen to me  to others  were perfect   and I must love and learn

everything and every one.

Only problem  was what I did wrong to myself  and  to others  were the barrier  between me and God.

Sincere repentance  and try my best to repair I have caused to myself and others.

Once my repentance  is accepthed  &  the day I will   equal repair  to  the damage I have caused

 I know I will live  live a lovely life .   I     will  love every thing and every one.


PS: God1  worked  for me, to get your personal  Pass word Use your Heart phone(God Made phone)

(Commercial   human made phones will not work) and call  1-800 Cre-ator  24/7   to choose

Password God1  press 1

to choose  password  Jesus1  press 2

to choose Allah1   press   3

to choose  Creator1  press 4

to choose   Johovah1  press 5

to choose Yahwah1   press 6

 to choose Visnu1   press 7

to choose Brahma1  Press 8

To choose  Lord1   press 9

To  get a custom made password   press  0

If You follow the instructions, you will live a lovely life.

Addendum: If line  is busy or  there   is  bad connection or unable to connect,

Heart phone is defective  for service Call 1-800Hel-pGod( Use tongue Phone only Please talk

slowly and clearly. Remember you call will be monitored  and recorded for quality purposes)

NOTE: Reflect, remorse, repent and keep reapeating  and serve creation till heart phone become functional