Lesson 1 Spitual healing tip 53

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Trail of spiritual healing  continues

A Rabbi and  Priest got into argument.

Rabbi  claimed  only  Jews will go  heaven, and Priest insisted  only Christians  will go to heaven.

Priest  said ” I bet you  had  ate ham .

Rabbi  said Yes I had ate ham,  I bet you had done adultery.

Priest said   yes   not only   that beat the ham  but I  am forgiven  and you are not.

Rabbi said  I am the chosen one  and I am sure that  I am forgiven.

Priest disagreed  stating Rabbi will be  forgiven only  if he accept Jesus his savior..

They went to judge. Judge  said  eating ham is not against the law  and as long adultery is

not reported and  proved it is not against the law.

Priest  disagreed  and   they went to a Budist  monk  for  his opinion.

Monk  said   both Rabbi   and   Priest   should confess to their  congregation.

Both got mad  and filed a case  against the  Monk  that he has  been abusing  his wife and

he  end up in prison.

Rabbi and priest agreed that eating ham is not against the law and

as long  adultery is not reported it is not a crime.

They also agreed   as long they are law abiding citizens  both will go to heaven.

Priest  was not sure   if Rabbi   will like being in  heaven, because it will filled  with Christians,

Rabbi  was not sure if Priest will like being in heaven, because it will be filled with Jews.

They also agreed   spouse abuse  is  a crime   and should be  severly  punished.

Buddist monk  reflected  in prison  and  realized  he  is a sinner, and  sinner

can not pass  judgement  and  he appeal for  forgiveness, stating he will

never  abuse  his wife,  and apologized   to Rabbi  and Priest.

Rabbi  and  Priest  realized  they  were  wrong   and they confessed  in front of  their congregation.

Both congregations  admired  their  courage

Buddist  monk was free    so  were  the Rabbi  and Priest.

All agreed  that God only know  who will  go to heaven,

and everyone lived happily ever after.


Moral of the story: Among humans who are believers, Jews,  Christians,

Sabians ( any faith or no faith)  if any one  believe in God, day of judgement

and perform good deeds  will be rewarded and  will have no fear & no grieve.

Verse 62  Surah 2 (Quran)

PS: If I have fear or  has grief  I am not doing the good deeds or doing bad deeds.

Addendum: If I do good deeds  God will reside in my heart and God make it easy to

do more good deeds and stay away from bad deeds.

Moral 2 Worship  in  secretly  and God will reward you openly  Matthew 8 Bible

Do not be like those  who preech on pulpet  to show off,like hippocrits, they do have their reward.

PS: If I do not feel rewarded, I am not praying enough  or praying in secret or I may be a hippocrit,

I know what I have to do.

Addendum: If I pray in secret, that sure is a good deed, God will reside in my heart  and make it easy

to do more good deeds and keep me away from bad deeds.

DO GOOD DEEDS, REST IS DETAIL That is Pound  Wise, Penny Foolish.

Go in detail, do few good things  That is Penny Wise Pound Foolish




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