5/19/2019 GPS

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Mother ūüĎĶNature ¬†is perfect.

My heart ¬†‚̧ԳŹhas a GPS . If I turn it on , it gets connected to MotherūüĎĶ Nature ¬†and ¬†showed me the road map to heaven.

I did not like the path and turned it off.

My heart  fall in love  with  money  material things ,  I  got sick and found myself  at a dead-end.

I tried to turn my GPS on ,to my surprise  it worked , and helped me to get back on road to heaven.

I felt the true love  of Mother Nature and will never will turn  off my GPS.

The Path is difficult,   full    of  obstacles  sometimes  I have  to carve the path with the help of my GPS.

My goal is to follow directions to best of my abilities


PS: keep your GPS on you , follow directions  you will reach your destination



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